Windows 10 Multiple Serial Key

Try out these 14 best free Windows 10 product key finder software and find Windows 10 product key or any kind of serial numbers within a few seconds for free.

Is It Possible to Get Free Windows 10 Product Key This is the question that a lot of users ask. Although the free upgrade to Windows 10 is ended in 2016 on the 16th of July, but you can still download Windows 10 unofficially and upgrade to the free version. List of Windows 10 Product Key Here is a list of Windows 10 product keys. Windows product keys are almost (but not quite) a thing of the past. With Windows 10, Microsoft has rewritten the rules for how it performs product activation on retail. Each Windows 10 edition has its own generic key for activation. Here’s a list of free generic license keys for all Windows 10 editions. While installing Windows 10, you will be asked to enter the product key or license key. Depending on the key, it will either permanently or temporarily activate Windows 10. Depending on how you got your copy of Windows 10, you'll need either a 25-character product key or a digital license to activate it. A digital license (called a digital entitlement in Windows 10, Version 1511) is a method of activation in Windows 10 that doesn't require you to enter a product key.

Where to find Windows 10 product key? How to find Windows 10 product key? Which are the best Windows 10 product key finder software? If these questions are rolling in your mind, you should feel relieved now because this guide has all the answers you need.

WINDOWS 10 PRO: 8N67H-M3CY9-QT7C4-2TR7M-TXYCV. Fill the keys when asked during installation or later, if you skip the step during windows installation. Update – Fill the links after seeing the version you are installing. The below download links are of standard PRO version. You can use the above given Windows 10 serial keys during.

Is your Windows 10 PC working with a snail’s pace? Have you tried every troubleshooting methods, but that didn’t help? And now left with the only option – clean installation of Windows 10 operating system? Hold on before you start. You need the Windows product key (unique serial number or activation key) to proceed, right?

Generally, the Windows product key can be found in the original disc or your order confirmation mail. But in case you’ve lost it and there’s no chance of getting your Windows 10 product key back from both of these sources, you can go to the Windows Registry to find the same. But here comes the twist, too many collections of the database of configuration settings are there in the registry editor, so it’s not a cakewalk to find the product key there. Even sometimes, it’s almost impossible for a new computer user.

That’s why you should follow the easiest way (Windows product key finder software) to find your Windows 10 product key or any kind of serial numbers related to Microsoft. Just download the best Windows 10 product key finder software and get your product key or activation key right away.

To make your hassle of finding product key for Windows 10 easier and to answer your question where to find Windows 10 product key, here we have compiled 14 best Windows 10 product key finder software and Microsoft Windows product key finder tools which can be used on almost all versions of Windows. So, just have a look now and choose the best-suited one.

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Top 14 Best Free Product Key Finder for Windows 10

As you know, losing your Windows product key means you’ll miss out on all the Windows updates, latest features, and premium products, that will basically result in purchasing the product again. So why spend even a penny when you can get everything for free by using your genuine Windows 10 product key?

We hope you are well familiar with the advantages of having a genuine copy. So, now without any further ado, let’s check out the list of top 14 best Windows 10 product key finder software free. download full version. Here we go:

Belarc Advisor

Talking about potentials of a Windows 10 Product Key Finder, Belarc Advisor can beat its competitors by quite a few yards. With a simple interface and fast product key extraction process, the tool is very popular among the geeks who use various Windows hacks on their system.

Not only for Windows, but Belarc Advisor can also generate product keys for many software programs at a time. Have a look at the pros and cons,


  • The program is free to download
  • Can find out MS Office Keys as well
  • Compatible with all Windows versions
  • Can show up with all the details related to your PC
  • The software is of lightweight so does not consume huge space on your system


  • Does not come up with a web version every time you need to find keys for your operating system you ought to install the app.

Bottom line:

Considering its competitors, the software is far better when it comes to finding out working product keys. If you are looking for a product key finder, you need to try Belarc first before installing anything else.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

With a list of advantages like instant display of keys, small size and ease of use, alongside multiple product key saving options Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder has easily made it to the list as a runner up. Having the ability to retrieve product keys from the Registry, this freeware software program is full of utility.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can find keys for your windows operating system and MS Office as well
  • Being a portable program works smoothly without any hiccups
  • Can come up with an instant result


  • Can’t find out keys for newer versions of MS Office
  • Marked as a virus several times by security software programs
  • At the time of installation tries to install lots of other programs along with MJB

Bottom line:

As the tool suggests it can locate your lost product key from registry entry, you can find out the product key of your already installed Windows 10 Operating system with this application.


Winkeyfinder is another product key finder that you can use to retrieve your Windows 10 product key, Office product key, or product key of any other .NET program. The main advantage of this tool is that it is small in size, and most importantly, you can use this without downloading or installation.


  • The program is easy to use
  • Works smoothly on any Windows OS as a portable program
  • Allows you to change product keys in certain operating systems
  • Come up with an instant result


  • Some of the advanced features being extremely complex to use can take a toll on your patience

Bottom line:

Being available in a portable version, Winkeyfinder is utterly useful if you require to retrieve your password from the Windows Registry entry.

Product Key Finder

Talking about easy to use key finder programs, Product Key Finder with a simple UI is the one you might be looking for to find out your Windows Product key. Compatible with a range of Windows operating systems, the tool allows you to find the product key of any .NET framework programs from Microsoft.


  • Can easily find keys for older versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • Allows the users to export the product keys into a file
  • Can easily find keys from registry entry


  • Doesn’t allow to retrieve Windows 10/8.1/8 product keys
  • Might prompt to install another program at the time of installation
  • Doesn’t have a single advanced feature

Bottom line:

If you are still using Windows 7, Vista or older Windows OS version, then Product Key Finder is the tool you need to have on your system. But if you are thinking of retrieving product keys from Windows 10, or 8, then this is not the right option.


If being uncomplicated is the only parameter to be your choice of product key finder, then ProduKey is the one you were looking for. Having a simple UI, this freeware software program is fairly easy to use. It shows you your serial number and product keys within the drop of a hat. So, if you are planning to reinstall your Windows 10 OS and for that need to know the product key ProduKey is the one to help you out.


  • The downloading file is pretty small
  • Since available in a portable version, doesn’t need to be downloaded
  • Can find out product keys remotely and from offline registries
  • Allows you to backup the product key by exporting them to HTML file


  • Doesn’t work with popular non-Microsoft software programs
  • The product ID and product key get displayed on the same screen, hence a bit confusing for beginners

Bottom line:

As long as you are trying to find out your Windows Operating system’s product key or MS Office product key ProduKey can be a great choice. But if you are looking for a key finder in general through which you can locate product keys of non-Microsoft programs, then you must have to look for something else.


Next on our list is WinGuggle. If you are looking for a product key finder software with a simple user interface, WinGuggle is the one you must opt for. Alongside this, the application finds product key for several other MS Office programs. Key features of this software include a quick download and no installation process to perform. So, when in a hurry, you can use this software to get back your product key for the Windows operating system or other MS Office applications.



  • Finds product keys for Windows 7 operating system or for other versions of Windows
  • The UI is so simple that you can find the product key swiftly
  • This software is portable, which means you can install in any system with just one download copies
  • You can copy those keys directly from the software
  • You can do OEM editing as well
  • Simultaneously it acts as an information tool for your system


  • Accused of providing false product keys sometimes for Windows 10/8 versions
  • You will fail if you try to find product keys for a non-Microsoft application
  • A web page opens every time you run the application
  • Compared to other key finder software, this one is a bit slower

Bottom line:

WinGuggle finds keys for Windows 7/Vista/XP versions and for MS Office 2013/2010/2007/2003 versions. But when we tested the software, it failed to complete the scanning process.


The full-text User Interface is one and only stand out feature of the LicenseCrawler. It is quite effective compared to other product key finder for Windows 10 or other versions of the operating system. Along with finding the key for the OS, it finds the serial key for Microsoft Office programs.


  • Finds keys for all the versions of Windows operating system
  • Due to simple User Interface, it’s easy to use
  • Alongside Windows, it finds keys for the Microsoft Office programs
  • Even non-Microsoft programs are got covered under the LicenseCrawler
  • Since it’s a portable software, you can use it anywhere anytime with the single download copy
  • Even you can find product keys for a computer located remotely
  • Just find the keys and save to a file as this software allows to do so


  • This software has a tendency to add lots of information unlike other Windows 10 product key finder software
  • All of the information may not be of no use, i.e., registry key
  • It lists serial keys for such programs which don’t even use the same, example- Internet Explorer

Bottom line:

Find keys for Operating Systems like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000. Additionally, you can get back your serial key for Adobe products and MS Office 2013/2010/2007/2003. Undoubtedly, it seems to be the elixir to those who’ve lost their product keys.


Here is another free Windows product key finder software. It retrieves your lost keys from the Registry. Due to its small size, you can download the software even in the poor network connection. Moreover, you don’t have to install the program. Besides restoring the product key, it can generate a genuine one as well.


  • Get serial key for Windows Vista/XP and other previous versions
  • You can find keys for certain MS Office programs with this product key finder software
  • It’s a portable application, so no installation required
  • Alongside finding the key, you can also change the product key as per your convenience
  • This software comes with an in-built password generator
  • If you have lot password for any of your accounts on the Computer, find it with RockXP


  • The older versions of Windows only support it
  • There are no updates for a long period of time
  • If you have AV software installed, it may identify RockXp as a malicious program

Bottom line:

Our team tried to run this software on Windows 10 and Windows 7, but that didn’t work. So the users of Windows older versions got fully covered with this Windows product key finder software.

SterJo Key Finder

This product key finder software not only finds lost keys for your OS but also over 500 games. You can easily find or generate keys for your local Computer or for the remotely placed one. Starting from Windows 10 to Windows 2003, all versions support this product key finder software.


  • Can find or generate product key for Microsoft Office and hundreds of other software
  • All Windows OS versions are covered under this application
  • The final results are easy to understand, so you can easily find your lost key
  • To make it easier to search through product key option is also there
  • Free of cost for personal and business usage, no hidden cost is there


  • The key list is quite overwhelming especially when you need the keys particularly for your Windows PC
  • At times it can show multiple keys for a single software
  • The setup tries to install another program alongside

Bottom line:

When we tested, this Windows product key finder found two different keys for the same OS. That leads us to a confusing situation.

MSKeyViewer Plus

One of the best Windows product key finder software is MSKeyViewer Plus. The stand out feature of this software is, it’s quite small-sized and made of the simple user interface. You don’t even need to scan the registry keys to get the product key.


  • Keys available for dozens of software
  • MS Office programs also support this software
  • No requirement of installation
  • You can directly copy the keys to your clipboard


  • This app is outdated for long
  • It’s difficult to access the Advanced features

Bottom line:

At times this software picks up wrong product keys. During our course of testing, the same thing happened.

Free PC Audit

Having a portable version along with easy to use features Free PC Audit is also a great tool to find out your Windows Product Key. The tool offers various information on your PC’s hardware components. Have a look at the application’s pros and cons below,


  • The software being fully portable doesn’t require any downloading
  • Easy to use and read all the information on your system’s hardware and software configuration
  • Can save the complete report as .txt files
  • Smoothly incorporates with recent Windows version


  • Can’t save certain hardware and software reports
  • Doesn’t offer detailed information like the other system information tools

Bottom line:

The software program makes it easy to find out information about your system by segregating everything in different tabs. Alongside the program can find product keys of MS Office Products, Adobe, and Corel software.

Windows Product Key Viewer

Windows Product Key Viewer works smoothly as the product key finder of your Windows operating system. The tool gets easily compatible with most of the Windows OS versions. Apart from showing product keys, the program offers you with additional information on your system.


  • With a size of 500KB, the tool is very small to download
  • Available in portable version hence doesn’t require downloading
  • You can copy the product key to the clipboard
  • Apart from product keys shows additional information on your system


  • Doesn’t allow you to save, print, or export the information related to Product Key only

Bottom line:

The Windows Product Key Viewer is very small in size and doesn’t require any installation, making it perfect for one-time use to find out your Windows Product Key.

Lazesoft Windows Key Finder

Are you looking for a simple key finder? Then Lazesoft Windows Key Finder is the one you must check out. The software can work with all the Windows versions and Microsoft Office programs. No matter if you are looking to retrieve the lost product key from your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP or any Windows server system the tool can perfectly get the job done for you.


  • Small size alongside simple to use interface
  • Works smoothly with all Windows versions and MS Office
  • Allows you to save the product keys as.TXT file
  • No need for installation


  • Can’t find out product keys of MS Office ’16 or ’13
  • Supports Microsoft products only

Bottom line:

If you need to use the tool only to find out Windows Product Key or product key of other Microsoft products, then you can go for this application. But if you need something which allows you to download other software product key, then this is not an option.

Abelssoft’s MyKeyFinder

You can save one or more product keys as a PDF file through Abelssoft’s MyKeyFinder. This software also lets you print the keys and save it for later. Also, you can find out the serial key easily as MyKeyFinder backlists all the registry keys placed at the same location. Not only for Windows PC but also you can find keys for software like Microsoft Office products or VMware.


Windows 10 Serial Key Generator

  • Smoothly runs in Windows 10/8/7 operating system
  • Special blocking feature to backlist registry keys of a certain part where you don’t want to scan
  • A number of ways are there to save the keys
  • Keys for MS Office and other non-Microsoft application are also available
  • Find key easily by search results


  • It takes a little bit of longer time to scan the product keys
  • All features are not free of cost; you have to pay for some of them
  • It asks you for a donation whenever you close the program
  • Sometimes shows keys for the applications which don’t even you use

Bottom line:

During the course of use, we found this software has hands-on expertise in finding product keys for your Windows operating system. But you may have to wait for a bit log to get the one as the scanning process is a little slow.

Final Words on the Best Free Windows 10 Product Key Finder Software

That’s all! We hope this list of best free product key finder for Windows 10 operating systems has definitely answered your questions on how to find Windows 10 product key and which are the most popular best free Windows 10 product key finder software? After reviewing this guide, now you can easily judge which Windows 10 activation key finder software is most appropriate for your computer and get the best Windows product key finder software for your system.

If you have got any more queries or suggestions regarding finding your Windows 10 product key and using free Windows 10 product key finder tools then the below-given comment box is always ready to welcome your opinions.

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The Windows 10 product key is a dedicated 25-digit, letter, or number code which acts as a product key or code to unlock a software license and install the Windows operating system on your PC. The software can only be unlocked, installed, and used after it is unlocked.

A product key is usually subdivided into multiple parts comprised of a combination of various letters and numbers. Each licensing key is unique and can only be used with a single version of a purchased software. Through a special procedure, the licensing key is tested for its authenticity. The first ever licensing key was used as part of the Windows 95 operating system and was displayed on the installation disc cover. Windows justified the issue of a licensing code by saying that it was trying to avoid illegal usage of its licensed software.

Nowadays, you’ll either need a 25-digit code or a digital license to install Windows. Users without a digital license will need to retrieve their Windows 10 product key.

  1. Get your Windows 10 product key: step by step

When do you have to retrieve your Windows key?

With the launch of Windows 10, product keys have become less important because Microsoft launched digital licenses in 2016. Digital licenses allow for the simple installation of an operating system without requiring a bootable device. The operating system can be activated via your Microsoft account. Even when you’re reinstalling Windows 10, the system detects the license automatically.

You’ll get a digital license if:

  • You purchased a new PC with a Windows operating system
  • You upgrade Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10
  • You purchase an operating system via the Microsoft Store

If you’ve purchased a digital license, you may be able to view the Windows 10 license and get a product key afterwards.

In the following situations it may be necessary to retrieve the Windows 10 product key:

  • You’ve purchased the disc-based Windows 10 version
  • You’ve got a digital version of the operating system from an authorized dealer
  • You have a volume licensing contract or MSDN subscription

In addition, to deinstall or reinstall another Windows version you might need a Windows 7 product key or Windows 8 product key. However, the steps to retrieve product keys for older Windows versions may differ.

Get your Windows 10 product key: step by step

If you need to find the product key for your Windows 10 installation, you’ve got a few options. The key can be retrieved via the BIOS i.e. the bootloader of your system or the command window. You can also use external software to retrieve your Windows 10 key.

Find Windows 10 product key using third-party solutions

The easiest way to retrieve a Windows 10 product key is to use a special program. Because Microsoft doesn’t currently offer its own solutions, users will have to default to third-party providers such as Belarc which has developed a relevant tool. For example, the Belarc Advisor can be used to read the licensing code from the Registry or BIOS. To find your licensing code, follow these steps:

  1. Download the third-party software from the website by filling in your email details
  2. Install the Belarc Advisor
  3. Start the tool by running it
  4. Once installed, the software will automatically generate the product key

Windows 10 key retrieval using CMD

The command line or CMD can be used to gain information about a Windows installation key. However, you may only be able to view the last five digits of a Windows 10 code this way. Here’s how to do it:

Open the command line by searching for “CMD” or “command line.” Select the correct search result. Alternatively, launch a Run window and enter “cmd” to launch it.

Type the command “slmgr/dli“ and hit “Enter.”

After a short while, the last five digits of the product key will be displayed in a pop-up window:

Get your Windows 10 product key from BIOS

If your Windows key is stored in the BIOS – the boot software of your Windows PC – you can retrieve it quickly by using the PowerShell program.

Launch the Windows PowerShell by searching for “PowerShell” in the search bar. Select the program and open it. The Windows configuration framework will be launched:

Add the following commands to the PowerShell command line and confirm by hitting “Enter.”

Serial Number Windows 10 Enterprise

If your Windows key is in the BIOS, you can now view it:

Windows 10 Serial Number Download

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