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The New Solo Soprano Patch

  1. Voxos Vst Free Download

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We have recorded an all new solo soprano for the VOXOS 2 update. Unlike the VOXOS v1.2 Solo Soprano, we have included multiple new features for this patch.

  1. Overall, Cinesamples VOXOS: Epic Virtual Choirs is one of the best choir libraries you can find. The fact that it works in a free KONTAKT player makes it even more of a bargain. That being said, its ‘epicness’ sometimes can be quite overwhelming, and the fact that it is so much popular makes its sound a bit recognizable.
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We recorded both the sustains and the shorts for the Solo Soprano New patch. Also, the sustains now respond to CC2 which allows you to move between vibrato and non-vibrato layers. We have also included the Poly Legato function in case you wish to use this patch for multiple voices. Like in the Legato Sections patch, we included the [VLE Settings] button in case you wish to tweak the Voice Leading Engine parameters for multiple voice lines.

Voxos Vst Free Download

Solo Soprano Legacy, Solo Boy Legacy, Women Bum Bums

The last three patches of VOXOS 2 come from the old VOXOS 1.2 library. The three patches are the Solo Soprano Legacy patch, the Solo Boy Legacy patch, and the Women Bum Bums patch.

Voxos Vst Free Download

These three patches function the same way as the previous version of this library, but the sample set has been re-tuned, re-mixed, and de-noised.