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FMS on REAL UNS-1 Keypad
FMS Running in Windows Desktop Mode

Uns 1 Fms Trainers

In the classroom, with the UNS-1 FMS Trainer system software, the pilot will recall the following information and perform the following FMS Operations:. Recall location and functions of the Flight Management System, controls, and indicators. Recall operation of the Flight Management System utilizing normal procedures. 376-293 City Road, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94102. The Avionics FMS desktop trainer enables the pilot to go through the phases of flight, including navigation, V-speeds, engaging the Flight Director and autopilot functions. The Avionics FMS desktop trainer provides virtual avionics features of all the control panels, displays and non-avionics controls such as throttles.

UNS-1 FMS Simulation (V1.2)

This high fidelity UNS-1 FMS simulation is compatible with most small/medium Jet and turboprop aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3d. This is not a panel gauge that is run inside the simulator, but is a completely stand-alone program. This can be run on your windows desktop, or one of our REAL FMS keypads.


  • Does not use MSFS/P3D flight Planner, create, edit, and fly your flightplan right from the FMS!
  • Plug and play with Arduino based FMS Keypad
  • Holding Patterns (beta)
  • Fuel Entry
  • Performance analysis (beta)
  • Precision Approaches (RNAV, RNP)
  • ILS Approaches
  • VNAV (coming soon)
  • Database available from Navigraph.com
  • Nav database lookup
  • Dual FMS (coming soon)
  • Includes new MFD which displays FMS flight plans


FMS Software Download

(Installation Requires Purchase)


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Uns 1 fms trainer certification
  • Requires FSUIPC
  • Only functional within 60nmi of KICT Airport




The FMS Level 1 Online Course provides an introduction to movement principles and how they can assist in the training process. The focus of this course is to provide an overview of the Functional Movement Screen and how to administer it. The Functional Movement Screen is a rating and ranking system that captures mobility and motor control in seven fundamental movement patterns. During this course you will learn how to accurately perform and score the screen.

The core focus of the Functional Movement Screen is to set a movement baseline in order to assist in your ability to create more effective training and programming decisions. This screening tool and approach has been effectively utilized in a variety of training settings from traditional fitness to elite professional sports.

  • Describe principles to support the importance of movement screening.
  • Explain the role of mobility, motor control, and functional patterns in fundamental movement.
  • Demonstrate the use of the Functional Movement Screen instructions and procedures.
  • Distinguish between correct screening techniques and common mistakes.
  • Utilize the scoring criteria for consistent and reliable screening results.
  • Develop programing using the FMS as an objective filter and feedback tool.
  • Explain the purpose and application of corrective exercise based on screening results.

The following table includes information regarding organizations that have approved Functional Movement Screen courses for continuing education credits.

Due to the immediate delivery of online education the purchase of online education is non-refundable. Live event fees are non-refundable within 14 days of the live event, but live event fees may be applied to a future event within the following year. If cancelled before 14 days, the live event fee is 100% refundable. In the unlikely event the seminar sponsor and/or host must cancel an event in its entirety, registrants may choose to receive a refund of paid event fees or credit toward a future event within the following year.

While reasonable efforts will be made to adhere to the advertised package, the seminar sponsor and/or host reserves the right to substitute alternate speakers and/or event content from those listed.

What's Included

Uns 1 Fms Trainer Certification

One year of access to the FMS Level 1 Online course.* This course includes access to over 5 hours of video content and a downloadable manual. The 19 Chapters included in this course are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the FMS 1
Chapter 2: History of the Screen
Chapter 3: Understanding the 'Why' of the FMS
Chapter 4: Overview of the Screen
Chapter 5: Deep Squat (DS)
Chapter 6: Hurdle Step (HS)
Chapter 7: Inline Lunge (ILL)
Chapter 8: Big 3/Little 4
Chapter 9: Shoulder Mobility (SM)
Chapter 10: Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR)
Chapter 11: Trunk Stability Push-Up (TSPU)
Chapter 12: Rotary Stability (RS)
Chapter 13: FMS Scoring
Chapter 14: Reporting
Chapter 15: Programming
Chapter 16: Case Study #1
Chapter 17: Case Study #2
Chapter 18: Course Conclusion
Chapter 19: Additional Resources
Appendix #1: The Motor Control Screen (MCS)
Appendix #2: The Modified FMS (FMS-M)

Languages: Taught in English and subtitled in Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

Once you have viewed and studied the online material, you will be prepared to take the FMS Certification Exam ( included in the course and available online). Upon passing the exam, you will earn one complimentary year of FMS Certified Membership. FMS membership unlocks the entire FMS website including:

  • FMS Pro exercise library
  • Articles,
  • Podcasts,
  • Listing on the Certified Member Map,
  • Networking opportunities with exercise professionals who share the same principles as you.

After purchasing the FMS Level 1 Online Course, you will receive an email outlining how to access your course.

Universal Fms Trainer Free Download

*After certification, professionals who maintain their membership will continue to have access to this course.