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So just in case you missed it, the two chains are: Chain 1. Beatmasher (for grabbing a micro-phrase or note late into the mix—optional) Filter (set to High Pass to remove bass) Reverb (set to Small Room to push the track back) Chain 2. Gater (set to 1/4 or 1/2 note) to chop up the song.

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In the realm of DJ mixing software, there is a wide range of options available, although very few are the best. The names of Virtual DJ, DJ ProDecks and obviously Tractor, everything comes to mind. The latter is one of the most successful programs in the sector, mainly because it with the support of Native Instruments, a leading music production hardware and software company.


The first version of this program revolutionized DJ rooms around the world, but it was the second version that endorsed this tool as a reference program and cemented it as a stellar product for all DJs.

Possibly the best DJ software on the market.

It supports up to four tracks simultaneously… Its interface has been redesigned to make its functions more intuitive, and the file manager has also been improved to better organize your music library and all the songs you have in iTunes.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 players or decks are available at the same time to create unique mixes.
  • Improved synchronization mechanism… It detects rhythms and BPM with great precision and locks the mix for infinite perfect timing.
  • Professional mixer based on technology included in the mixing tables of Allen & Heath equipment.
  • Built-in EQ with 4 bands per channel, one more group than is usually available.
  • Independent high and low pass filters for each channel.
  • Adjustable crossfader curve.
  • Four effect racks for each deck.
  • An advanced and highly accurate buttonhole function.
  • Up to 8 assignable CUE points per song.
  • Four new sound effects: Tape Delay, Ramp Relay, Bouncer and Auto Bouncer, which increases the total number of effects to 32, all this can be synchronized with the speed of the song or with the main tempobased on the innovative REACTOR technology.
  • Examples of decks and loops that sync perfectly.
  • Create incredible chains of effects for unique results.
  • Compatible with external controllers and mixers

New TruWave system with optimized interface.

Native Instruments has developed new visualization system which uses graphic information to distinguish between different elements of a song. The TrueWave system provides colored waveforms with which you can distinguish drums, vocals or aggressive synth partsto name a few examples.

In addition, you have multiple zoom levels to accurately view the content of your songs, as well as an overall song view that allows us to view all at a glance

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On the other hand, the various rendering modes have a new addition, “Essential View” – a view that has been optimized. use Tractor together with an external mixer or controller

Creative tools

It also includes a range of functions designed to unleash the user’s creativity… For example, its Sample Decks will let you play up to four audio samples on each deck, all perfectly synchronized to the tempo. This opens up a full range of possibilities for remixing and editing music. Import any song into dedicated slots and even record audio from software to bring it into your session thanks to the new Loop Recorder.

This tool is capable of instantly recording any sound source you specify… Register the loop and use it as another part of your kit. You can even use him as a fifth additional player.

We must also mention over 30 professional high quality effects, four effect blocks and one one-button macro effect that offers an unlimited sound palette while being very flexible when it comes to grouping and customizing effects.

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In turn, this is also allows us to edit stems, a multichannel audio format composed of four musical elements that can be edited independently. They can be loaded into the program to create spontaneous mixes, acapella versions, instrumental versions and anything else you can think of by enriching or isolating any of the channels.


What’s new in the latest version

  • Improves detection of corrupted files.
  • Error correction.

Download Last Version: Traktor PRO 3.4.2 – Download for PC Free Free 2021

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TRAKTOR PRO is the new benchmark in digital DJing. Mix digital files on four decks, using the high-quality internal mixer or external hardware,and the best effects suite around. Fully primed for professional use, Traktor PRO redefines the art of DJing.
Users of TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO are treated to three extra effects in this 1.2 version. Taking the total to 24 highly creative and professional effects, this update adds a Beat Slicer, and Formant Filter and a Peak Filter to your arsenal of weapons- all of which need to be heard to be believed.
Four independent effect units:
The already impressive TRAKTOR effects section just got twice as nice. With the addition of two more effects units (in PRO versions only) the potential for warping and twisting your tracks has been vastly increased. With three separate effects chainable per unit, the possibilities are now almost endless.
TRAKTOR now supports the HID (Human Interface Device) protocol for the Pioneer CDJ-400 and display support for the Denon DN-HC4500. HID is an alternative to MIDI control that boasts a much improved sensitivity, meaning even more precise control over pitch control and effects parameters etc. HID also utilizes the product displays to show TRAKTOR info such as track name, remaining time etc, directly on the hardware.
The new advanced Élastique time stretching algorithm delivers a new level in time-stretching quality at an amazing workload efficiency. The algorithm has been developed to detect tonal and transient components in your tracks with high accuracy, making the Keylock function in TRAKTOR 1.2 sound pristine. The new algorithm also ensures exceptional efficiency in CPU usage.
More features:
# Drag & Drop from decks to playlist
# Two additional 'favorite playlist' slots
# New 'Progressive Sensitivity' option for Pitch Bend
# Customizable Cue Play button behaviour (Instant/On Release)
# Additional 'Preparation List' features with diamond icons, 'Append/add next' menu functions
# Adjustable 'minimum playtime filter' for play count and history functions timecode
# Internal EQs enabled for external mixer mode
# New track caching technology with reduced memory footprint
# Improved Tap Tempo function
# Direct tag editing in Explorer node
# Pitch Bend controller assignable to jog wheels
# One-Click setting of hotcues