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Even the best hackers use tools, and the reason is very simple. Tools provide various advantages which allow an hacker to perform multiple tasks with just a couple of commands.

Install Hydra on Linux, from repositories If you don’t mind about the version, or don’t need the features on the newest version. On Debian 9 you can install Hydra from the repositories. Sudo apt-get install hydra-gtk This installs the command line version along with the front end GUI. Don’t do this if you want faster and newer version. THC Hydra: Multiple services supportive, Network authentication cracker THC Hydra is a supper fast network password cracking tool. It uses network to crack remote systems passwords. It can be used to crack passwords of different protocols including HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Cisco, CVS, SQL, SMTP etc.

Here we have listed down the best Windows 10 Hacking tools which are completely free.

Nmap is a very strong port scanner which holds a lot of functions. Nmap is included in a lot of toolkits and hackers and cyber security professionals use the tool to get a better insight in targeted environments. The Nmap hacking tool can be used to footprint entire environments.

PCAP, Sniffing and more. Wireshark is a powerful GUI sniffer and network analyzer. This tool allows each hacker and cyber security professional to gain insight on what exactly is going on in the network. Hackers can use this tool to extract passwords from broken or unsecure communication protocols.

Security professionals and network engineers use the Wireshark tool to perform network troubleshooting. It is a very useful tool and I strongly urge you to download the tool and play with it if this tool is completely new to you.

The two brothers have a long history in computer hacking, but that does not mean that they are outdated. The Cain and Abel tool is still very useful as it is still being used as a multipurpose windows only hacking tool. This tool can be used to perform man in the middle attacks (MITM), capture network data, passwords and user names.

Security professionals use this tool to audit broken Windows environments.

Hacking, exploits, vulnerabilities – these are the keywords for Metasploit. Metasploit is a massive database / framework which is used by hackers and security professionals to attack or audit environments.

Metasploit holds thousands of exploit, payload and scanners which can be used to hack computers, web servers and other digital environments. Metasploit contains various backdoors which can be inserted at targeted environments. These backdoors will grant the security professional or hacker access to the infected device.

WPA and WEP are protocols which are used by WIFI accesspoints, but these protocols are vulnerable and can be exploited. The Aircrack-ng is used by security professionals and hackers to audit or hack wifi passwords. Aircrack-NG uses dictionary or brute force attacks. This tool does run under Windows 10, but you can better use it via an Linux environment.

This tool is identified as a automatic vulnerability scanner. Nessus holds thousands of codes which search for weak and exploitable environments. The tool is really a plug-and-play tool as it only needs an IP to start an audit. Security professionals use this tool to audit environments and hackers use this tool to identify weak environments so they can exploit it.

Nessus runs on Windows 10 but you can also install it on Linux.

The THC Hydra tool is a famous one. THC Hydra can be installed on Windows environments, but it works the best on a Linux environment. THC Hydra is used by hackers to perform fast password cracking attacks. The tool can communicate with various protocols like ftp, http, smtp, pop3 and so on.

THC Hydra uses dictionary lists, and if you do not have a collection already, then I strongly urge you to take a look at this page which holds hundreds of password recovery password lists.

This great TCP/IP protocol tool is used by hackers and security professionals to read and write data across networks. This Windows 10 hacking tool is extremely versatile and it can be used to setup / operate backdoors.

Well, this is not a hacking tool. Sorry for that. Putty is one great client which can communicate over various protocols. You can use it to communicate over SSH or TELNET. This tool is used by security professionals and hackers to bypass security solutions and to access remote computers and devices.

The Havij tool is an very strong SQL injection tool. This tool is used by hackers and security professionals to audit or hack broken and vulnerable SQL environments. The Havij tool holds an massive database of SQL commands which can be used on unsecure SQL environments.

How to download and install the Windows 10 hacking tools

Time needed: 1 hour.

  1. Download Nmap

    You can download Nmap via the official website, it runs on Windows and Linux. There is also a graphical version called Zenmap.

  2. Download Wireshark

    The official Wireshark package can be downloaded here. Wireshark runs on Windows and Linux.

  3. Download cain and abel

    Officially you should not be able to download Cain and Abel, but on this site, you will get clear instructions on how to get your hands on Cain and Abel.

  4. Download Metasploit

    You can download the Metasploit framework via the official site.

  5. Download Aircrack-ng

    You can download the official aircrack-ng package from their site.

  6. Download Nessus

    You can download Nessus directly from their official site.

  7. Download THC-Hydra

    THC Hydra is installed on Kali Linux, but you can also find the official site here.

1000+ hacking tools

We have listed another 1000+ hacking tools that you can today. These tools all have their official publisher linked.

When I use these hacking tools

I have been in cyber security for over 10 years now, and I can tell you, it is a lifestyle. On a daily basis, you try to improve your hacking and security skills – you do this by attending conferences, watching online tutorials, keep tracking of CVE and exploits, and I am sure, that you can easily sum up 20 more habits that you must have. In these years, I have been playing around with various tools, and I have created my own hacking tools.

One of the major players, that keeps coming back is nMAP. This tool is easy to use, and it runs on most platforms. Another major name is Metasploit, these guys are doing a fantastic work. You can combine your hacking tools with Metasploit, and quickly you will notice, the quickness and simplicity of the combination.

#hacking#tools#windows 10Passwords are the weakest links. If someone gets ahold of your password, it’s game over! As such, passwords are the most important security weaknesses. There are many tools that allow you to attempt username:password combinations throughout, however, none of them are as potent as THC Hydra. This is because it’s both rapid and offers a large number of protocols to brute force. In fact, it can deal with about 55 different protocols. Moreover, there are two versions of THC Hydra: a GUI version and a CLI version.Windows

Installing THC Hydra

Download THC hydra from

Once downloaded, extract the files, and execute the following:

If you’re using Ubuntu/Debian, type the following as well:

apt-get install libssl-dev libssh-dev libidn11-dev libpcre3-dev
libgtk2.0-dev libmysqlclient-dev libpq-dev libsvn-dev
firebird-dev libmemcached-dev libgpg-error-dev
libgcrypt11-dev libgcrypt20-dev

CLI Usage

Here, we examine how to use hydra with common protocols.


One must remember that Hydra can deal with approximately 55 different protocols. These are but a few examples of the most dealt-with protocols, such as ssh, ftp, rdp, telnet, and mysql. However, the same principle applies to the remaining protocols.

In order to get Hydra to work with a protocol, you’ll need either a username (-l) or a list of usernames (-L), a list of passwords (a password file), and the target IP address associated with the protocol. You can add further parameters if you wish. For example, -V for verbosity.

Alternatively, you can also format it as follows:

hydra -l<username>-P<password file>-s<port>-V<ip><protocol>

-l or -L: username or list of usernames to attempt
-P: password list
-s: port
-V: verbose
<protocol>: ftp/rdp/ssh/telnet/mysql/etc…
<ip>: ip address

For example, for FTP:


hydra -l<username>-P<password file>-s21-V&lt;ip>ftp


Depending on the type of request, GET or POST, you can use either http-get-form or http-post-form. Under the inspect element, you can figure out whether the page is a GET or POST. You can then use the http-get-form when attempting to find the password to a username:password combination on the web (for instance, a website).

hydra -l<username>-P<password>-V-f<ip> http-get-form “a:b:c:d”

-l or -L: username or list of usernames to attempt
-P: password list
-f : stop when the password is found
-V: verbose
a: login page
b: username/password combination
c: error message received if login fails
d: H=session cookie

Thc Hydra Gui For Windows

For example, suppose we wish to hack DVWA (Damn Vulnerable Web Application). Once online using apache2, it should be at your local IP. In my case, it’s at

So, the:

Next, we need b and c. So, let’s try to login with fake credentials (anything here will do). The site displays this message: “Username or password incorrect.” Therefore, we will use the message c:

c: username or password incorrect

So, b will be as follows:

Replace the credentials inputted with ^USER^ and ^PASS^. If this was a POST request, you would find this information under the inspect element > Request tab.

Next, under inspect element, copy the cookie. This will be d:

d: H=Cookie:PHPSESSID=3046g4jmq4i504ai0gnvsv0ri2;security=low

So, for example:

Thc Hydra Gui For Windows 10

hydra -l admin -P/home/kalyani/rockyou.txt -V-f http-get-form<br /><span style='color: #0000ff' data-darkreader-inline>/vulnerabilities/</span>brute/:username=^USER^&password=^PASS^&Login=Login<br />#:username or password incorrect:<br /> H=Cookie:PHPSESSID=3046g4jmq4i504ai0gnvsv0ri2;security=low”

When you run this, and if the password is in the list, then it will find it for you.

However, if this proves to be too much work for you, no need to stress out because there’s a GUI version as well. It is a lot simpler than the CLI version. The GUI version of THC hydra is called Hydra GTK.

Installing Hydra GTK

In Ubuntu, you can simply install Hydra GTK using the following command:

Once installed, you will need the following:

  1. A target or list of targets: This is the IP address of the protocol you wish to attack
  2. Port number: the port number associated with the protocol
  3. Protocol: ssh, ftp, mysql, etc…
  4. Username: either input a username or a list of usernames
  5. Password or Password list

Download Thc Hydra Gui For Windows

Depending on whether you want to hack one or multiple targets, you can either input one or many targets into the target box. Suppose you’re attacking a single target, an SSH, located at 999.999.999.999 (a fake IP address, obviously). In the target box, you’d put 999.999.999.999, and in the port section, you’d put 22. Under the protocol, you’d put SSH. It would be advisable to tick the “be verbose” and the “show attempts” boxes as well. The “be verbose” box is equivalent to -v in THC Hydra, while the “show attempts” box is equivalent to -V in THC Hydra. The plus point about Hydra is that it can deal with a large number of protocols.

In the next tab, input the username you desire or a list of usernames (the location of the list of usernames in this case). For instance, in the “username list”, I would put “/home/kalyani/usernamelist.txt”. The same is true for passwords. The location of the password file is inputted in the box called “password list”. Once these have been filled in, the rest is easy. You can leave the tuning and specific tabs as is and click on the start button under the start tab.

Thc Hydra Gui For Windows 7

Hydra GTK is a lot easier to use than THC Hydra, even though they are the same thing. Whether you use THC Hydra or Hydra GTK, both are great tools to crack passwords. The problem typically encountered will come in the form of the password list used. You can obviously use other programs such as crunch and wordlist generators to tailor your password list to your liking. However, if you can also tailor the password list to your use, Hydra can become a very powerful ally.

Happy Hacking!