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  • Audiomodern – Riffer 3.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64 May 16, 2021 EST Studios – GLXY Drum & Bass (WAV, MIDI).

Audiomodern Riffer will generate MIDI parts for any instrument in any style of music. A versatile tool for working with MIDI.

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Riffer Vst Crack Torrent

Audiomodern has released the Riffer plugin, a smart MIDI tool for generating riffs, melodies, beats and other content. The developers themselves call the Audiomodern Riffer a “Swiss army knife” for MIDI, hinting at its versatile capabilities in the field of generating instrument parties.

Riffer allows you to select more than 50 scales for generating parts, as well as customize the features of the future part: difficulty, number of steps, pitch, direction of movement, note duration, stylistics, etc. The plugin is in many ways similar to the previously released Mixed In Key Captain Plugins, which allows you to generate accompaniment, bass and lead parts based on the specified parameters.

With Riffer, musicians can generate sequences, melodies, patterns, beatings, riffs in a couple of clicks. The part you like can be immediately exported to the project by simply dragging and dropping the generated MIDI region onto a track in the DAW.

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• Generation of random riffs, melodies, accompaniment parts;
• Synchronization with the tempo of the DAW project;
• Ability to generate content in 53 scales and scales;
• Ability to select the number of notes in the generated sequence;
• Ability to specify the pitch, duration, volume of individual notes;
• Fast export of MIDI regions to a track in DAW;
• Functions for transposing patterns;
• Possibility of endless playback and content generation;
• Multiple settings for the generated pattern;
• Ability to save and load custom patterns;
• Send MIDI to any compatible software and hardware.