Ppsspp For Pc 1.3

  1. Ppsspp For Pc 1.3 Full

A new stable release of the PPSSPP free, cross-platform, and open-source PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator application has been made available for download, version 1.3.

PPSSPP Gold latest version v1.3.0.1 updated with lots of features. Download free PPSSPP Gold apk v1.3.0.1 by click the button below of this page. You may also have DraStic DS Emulator r2.5.0.3a Apk from 5kapks. The newest model gives a layer of shine to the come upon for those that previously had been utilizing the beta. PPSSPP for Android. Download the latest version of this PSP emulator on Google Play, or simply download and install the.apk files from here (surf to this page and touch this button on your device, make sure that you have enabled non-Play-Store installs ): Download. Download 1.11.3 APK. Update v1.11.3 link: https://mega.nz/file/z3gkhKYC#meT-W5VWIE8Asrls34tM0BPxgE2-qphHSu7aKemM. PPSSPP is an emulator for Sony┬┤s first handheld console, the PSP (PlayStation Portable), that is capable of playing the majority games on your laptop or desktop computer, including the increase in resolution that this brings with it. The first thing that grabs your attention in PPSSPP. PPSSPP GOLD APK(PSP Emulator) is an Emulator App which comes for the android operating system devices(and also Mac and Windows).This super app has released their latest version with the version numbering of apk version. This app will give you an ability on playing the PSP games along with the android smartphones and the tabs.

PPSSPP 1.3 is here seven months after the release of the previous maintenance update, namely PPSSPP 1.2, and brings various interesting additions, such as better support for Android-based Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones, as well as any device running Apple's iOS 9 or later.

Ppsspp For Pc 1.3 Full

There's also improved support for 64-bit Android TV platforms, a memory leak patch for Raspberry Pi single-board computers, the implementation of the latest FFMpeg multimedia backend, and a workaround for some rendering issues on Tegra K1 and Tegra X1 mobile processors.


PPSSPP 1.3 introduces initial game recording support

Another interesting feature introduced in the PPSSPP 1.3 stable update is initial support for recording your video games, along with TAS (Tool-assisted speedrun) functionality, also known as frame stepping. Moreover, the development team managed to implement texture replacement support for upscaling and use of custom textures.

Initial support for the Vulkan API (Application Programming Interface) on the Microsoft Windows platform is also a new feature of the PPSSPP 1.3 release, but it looks like it's not working as expected at the moment. Last but not least, there's now a new, experimental CPU backend.

Taking about CPUs, various fixes have been incorporated in this stable build to make the popular PSP emulator run much better on certain processors. Support for homebrew cheat codes was added as well, along with various improvements for D cheat codes.


Also, the app now works much better with Alt+Tab or other application switching methods. Download PPSSPP 1.3 right now via our website for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as for Android and iOS devices from the respective App Stores. Check the official homepage of PPSSPP for more details.