Pokken Tournament Activation Key Generator

PokkénTournament is here! In PokkénTournament, Pokémon appear more lifelike than ever before, withamazing graphics and smooth, fluid movements. You will love seeing and battlingwith your favorite Pokémon.

Pokken Tournament Activation Key Generator

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Pokkén Tournamentwas developed with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Inc., the producers of one ofthe top achievements in fighting games, the Tekken series. True to its legacy,this game brings tight gameplay and incredible control to never-before-seenbattles between Pokémon. The gameplay is designed to be enjoyed by a wide rangeof people—even those who have never played a fighting game or an action gamebefore can easily pick it up and play!

Pokkén Tournamentcan be played in a variety of modes.

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In Single Battles, you'll play against the CPU—you canchoose from three difficulty levels, so everyone from beginners to advancedplayers can enjoy the challenge.

In Local Battles, two players compete using one Wii Uconsole. In this mode, one player will use the Wii U GamePad and the other playerwill use a Pokkén Tournament-compatiblecontroller (see list below). This configuration allows each player to see theaction from their own perspective, with one person watching the TV screen andthe other watching the action on the Wii U GamePad. Game images on the TV and GamePadscreen during Local Battles will be displayed at 30 frames per second. (Allother battle modes will display at 60 frames per second.)

In Online Battles, you will be able to compete in RankMatches and Friendly Matches. In Friendly Matches, you can easily battle otheropponents, including people whose friend code you have registered. You can alsobattle people who have entered the same VS Code as you. In Rank Matches, you'llreceive rank points based on the outcome of your matches. Compete to see whohas the most rank points or the greater number of victories.

There is also a mode that allows you to connect two Wii Uconsoles together with a LAN cable to experience head-to-head action at a full 60frames per second on separate TVs. In this mode, each player can use anycompatible controller.

Pokkén Tournament-CompatibleControllers:

  • Wii U GamePad

  • Wii U Pro Controller

  • Classic Controller Pro
    (A Wii Remote Controller or Wii Remote Controller Plus is required to use thiscontroller.)

  • Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad

Learn more about Pokkén Tournament atPokemon.com/PokkenTournament!

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the Pokkén Tournament DX Special Codes, for Pokkén Tournament on Nintendo Switch (originally released on September 22nd 2017 in Europe, North America, and Japan).

Pokkén Tournament DX Special Codes – What are they?

Special Codes are quite simply codes you can enter in Pokkén Tournament DX in order to unlock various goodies in the game (so far, only clothing items for your avatar). They are not region-locked (or rather, the game is not!), and therefore, should work no matter the region you purchased the game from.

Pokkén Tournament DX Special Codes – How to redeem a Special Code?

To redeem a Special Code in Pokkén Tournament, all you have to do is the follow those instructions:

  • on the Ferrum Region map screen, press the X Button to enter the System Menu
  • select the Special Code option
  • enter the code when prompted

Important note: the codes are case sensitive, and need to be entered as they’re listed below (using only capital letters). Thanks alex for pointing that out!

Pokken Tournament Dx

Pokkén Tournament DX Special Codes – Latest Special Codes (December 7th, 2017)

  • QRRZ7LBS4TDV: Bell & Wreath
  • 5W6LEN4TNVF5: Holiday Title
  • LT48EFNGRBRZ: Male Cat Whiskers
  • L9VPUW8QN9TB: Female Cat Whiskers

Pokkén Tournament DX Special Codes – List of codes available

  • J7XEEQLYNDMT: Simple T-shirt Set (female)
  • TC2JY22VBQUU: Simple T-shirt Set (male)
  • NQLMEMRGX37X: Old Leather Jacket Set (female)
  • 6GSSALLDM9RL: Old Leather Jacket Set (male)
  • H5D9YZFETCQZ: Hamburger Hat & Short Bob (male)
  • USBXKG8X4GLG: Hamburger Hat & Short Hair (female)
  • ABZMNSU8D7QN: Training Wear Set (female)
  • 8RMGLXANVZ3R: Training Wear Set (male)
  • QRRZ7LBS4TDV: Bell & Wreath
  • 5W6LEN4TNVF5: Holiday Title
  • LT48EFNGRBRZ: Male Cat Whiskers
  • L9VPUW8QN9TB: Female Cat Whiskers

More Special Codes will be added to this page as soon as they’re available, so stay tuned for more! If you notice something missing, or if we made a mistake somewhere, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

Thanks Serebii for the pictures of the Christmas items!

Source: Nintendo / Twitch