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The evil dictator Morden is at it again--and this time the whole world's his battlefield! Time to lock and load with SNK's latest 2D side-scroller, Metal Slug 2.

The Metal Slug game is based on the PlayStation game style. An attractive game that has an audience in all age groups. The graphics and user-friendly interface are among the benefits of this game.

Full-Metal Mayhem

Forget about fancy polygons and high frame rates; for simple, addictive, good old-fashioned 2D side-scrolling action, Metal Slug 2 delivers the goods. Aside from occasional slowdown, the action moves at a blistering pace, espedaily in the two-player, simultaneous mode. The gameplay's still the same: never stop, and blow the hell out of anything that moves! With enough quarters, even you can save the world.

Women in the Military

Slug 2 adds a lot to the melee! Joining Slug veteran characters Marco and Tarma are two fresh female recruits. Eri and Fio. An expanded armory includes a laser gun, Molotov cocktails, and armor-piercing bazooka shells. The motorpool now has three new vehicles: the Slug Flyer (a jump jet). Slugnoid (a walking mini-mech). and the Camel Slug (a camel with a machine gun on its back).

Things That Go Boom

Slug 2's action takes place throughout many combat zones: on the back of a moving train, in an Egyptian tomb, in a secret laboratory, and so on. The game has a greater variety of enemies than its predecessor: In addition to endless waves of troops, you'll square off against mummies, sword-toting Arabs, and even hostile aliens. Some funny new touches have been included: If you collect too many fruit power-ups, you'll be turned into an obese soldier who moves slower than normal; and if you're not careful in the Egyptian tomb, the residents may transform you into a mummy!

Overall rating: 9.5

Metal Slug Collection PC Game introduced as the Metal Slug Complete PC. It is a compilation published by DHM Interactive in the year 2009 for Computers. The game much Like the Metal Slug Anthology. It features whole Metal Slug games titles up to the Metal Slug 6 Game. However, it does not have any extra or bonus features.

This game version is noted for having limited game credits. Metal Slug game in the first one has 4 credits only & the Metal Slug 2 PC Game to 4 Game has only a total of 5 credits. However, the Metal Slug 5 & Metal Slug Six are two titles to feature as unlimited credits.

The game collection includes Metal Slug I, Metal Slug II, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug III, Metal Slug IV, Metal Slug V & also Metal Slug 6.


Being essentially a two-dimensional arcade game, the Metal Slug video game has not updated since the 90s. The Levels fly from the right to left. The brave 16-bit soldier is working as a local death attorney as he shoots, burns, and, if possible. Also crushes everything from carnivorous plants to yeti on the screen.


In the catacombs under pyramids, the mummies first attack, & then their dogs. On the palm trees massive prisoners to dry. Crabs, fighting robots, Arabs, the living dead were all this carried by the fiery whirlwind. For finally launch player along with faithful jumping a super trench that somewhere into the near-earth orbit.

For crushing the indestructible, then on the occasion of death, to crush indestructible, for pressing the button, also throwing the nonexistent tokens. There the bar of insanity, that unattainable for no person, also has not recreated an atmosphere of absurd in any other video arcade game. The Canned childhood, size of several 100 megabytes, shelf life isn’t limited. Just because there’s nothing to spoil.

The Metal Slug PC Game is a set of series of run & gun video games. Which originally created by the Nazca Corporation. These run and gun pits player against large numbers of enemies including extremely powerful several weapons pick-ups.

A character Leona Heidern is available as an extra downloadable special character for the Metal Slug XX PC Game. Which is also a revised edition of the Metal Slug 7.

Metal Slug 7 free. download full Version For Pc Windows 7

The real action of this game the world’s player is crazy about! There most popular characters available from the 2D v Fighting video game series known as “KOF”. Their Real-time analysis has provided the horizontal anisotropic permeability. An abidingly installed filter tip that is used for attaching to a PVC ipe or steel.

Metal Slug Collection PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

Metal Slug 7 Free Download

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Xp 32 bit
CPU: 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor or equivalent
Video Card: GTX 560 or newer, R7 200 Series, GTX 560 or newer
Direct X: Dx 9
Free Disk Space: 1 GB

Nds Metal Slug 7 Free Download

Metal Slug Collection PC Game
Size: 1.5 GB