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Mad Gunz is everything you love about online games, online shooting games and pixel games! Strange but cute graphics, awesome atmosphere and totally crazy weapons! This online shooting game is not like all the free online games you used to see! Just grab your weird weapon and battle it out in the craziest pixel game! Supported Android. Link Download: GunZ Mod Apk is designed in Pixel style with the style of many famous games like Trove or Minecraft with square bloc. Mad GunZ provides players with a huge arsenal of weapons from crude objects such as hammers, axes, to modern guns with high damage. Install Mad GunZ MOD APK. To install Mad GunZ MOD for Android, you need to perform a few steps below. Delete the original version if installed. Download the Mad GunZ MOD APK file we provide. Proceed to install the APK.

Last updated: June 30, 2021

Experience Mad GunZ MOD APK – the most popular online shooting game today. Are you ready to ban taking the pixel gun and immerse yourself in this extremely competitive atmosphere?


Mad GunZ is a game from the publisher Full HD Ltd. If you are bored with the games that stress your brain, tired of thinking about new strategies in Battle Royale games, Mad GunZ will be an extremely reasonable choice at the moment. Don’t focus too much on strategy, only you and your gun shoot frantically at the opponent, crushing everything. Those are the things that Mad GunZ offers you.


There are not many rules set in Mad GunZ. The game is designed with unique pixel graphics and a first-person perspective will bring you new experiences. The way this game starts is quite similar to PUBG, you and other players will be taken to an isolated area. Here, those brought in will have to go through the bloody competition to survive. Your only goal here is to shoot as many opponents as possible. The reward for the winner will contain gold, you can use it to upgrade the gun and buy more new equipment.

Large map

Mad GunZ provides players with up to 5 unique maps. Although it is a pixelated game, Mad GunZ still takes great care of his context. Each map has a different landscape, with residential houses, research rooms, gas stations,… all designed extremely in detail, just like a real city. Context not only makes the game more eye-catching, but it is also a shelter and battle for players, especially those who want to play strategically or become a gunner.

Control system

This game has the same control system as other Battle Royale games. With the joystick button on the left side that allows players to move, the functional joystick buttons on the right allow players to change weapons, perform special operations (jump, bend, shoot,…). Also in the upper right corner of the screen is a miniature map, allowing players to locate their own position as well as that of the enemy. The game also allows you to record the screen while you are playing, you just need to click the camera icon next to the thumbnail map.


After landing on the ground, the first thing you need to do is loot weapons. The use of “bare hands” running around everywhere will make it easier for you to fall into the opponent’s sights much more. Weapons will be scattered everywhere, including guns, equipment such as armor, ambulances,… you just need to pick them up and put them in your inventory. Mad GunZ provides players with a huge arsenal of weapons from crude objects such as hammers, axes, to modern guns with high damage.

Install Mad GunZ MOD APK

To install Mad GunZ MOD for Android, you need to perform a few steps below.

  1. Delete the original version if installed.
  2. Download the Mad GunZ MOD APK file we provide.
  3. Proceed to install the APK.
  4. Open and enjoy.

Download Mad GunZ MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) for Android

Mad Gunz Download Pc Windows 7

In general, this game is like the pixel graphics version of PUBG. However, Mad GunZ offers an experience that is more entertaining, fun than intense combat like PUBG. Download now the MOD APK version that we provide below to experience Mad GunZ in the fastest way. You will not need to spend too much time plowing to be able to buy your favorite gun anymore.

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Are you looking for great pixel shooter or unusual shooting games with stunning graphics and the variety of game modes? Here is Mad Gunz – one of the best online shooter games!

Imagine this: you wake up, feed your beloved kitty, and then — all hell breaks loose! Where did Mr. Fluffy go and what is… is that an armored turkey? Does it have anything to do with these… unicorns? Uh, what’s going here? Well you’re gonna find out in this adventurous new entry in the pixel shooting games, FPS genre! Join this shooting game online and plunge into the craziest atmosphere! Take up your weird pixel gun and get ready to start the maddest of the pixel games and shooting games! Mad Gunz comes from the school of online shooter games, FPS and gun games that have strange, cute, pixel art and is just not like all online games multiplayer you’ve used to see!

What is Mad Gunz – one of the best online games for free about?

Mad Gunz Download Pc

★ Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel art!
Just take a look at this online shooter, pixel games and you will fall in love with nice pixel graphics!

★ The most incredibly weird shooting game online is ready to introduce the oddest armory! Beat your rivals with a handbag with a dog in it, a huge lollipop or a magic wand. Use exploding hamsters or just shoot them with… cat fur!

★ Enemies from the best of gun games & online shooting games including zombies, crazy chickens and even a mad octopus!

★ Plus! What’s the most weird about shooting games or any other FPS, online games, you can see not only the gun but even your feet in Mad Gunz!

Mad GunZ is not like regular pixel shooter or other shooting games & gun games that haven’t surprised you very much. Tired of thinking of new tactics in different shooting games online multiplayer? This online shooter won’t teach you any new tactics or make endlessly fiddle with your gun settings. Just get out there and shoot your rivals with a banana gun, or a hamster thrower, or slap them with a handbag! Break into the mayhem of online shooting games and crush everything in the wackiest new online shooter games! No limits for your actions! Team up with other players, choose your rivals and dominate the battleground!

Still don’t wanna play this awesome shooting game online – the maddest of FPS shooters? Think it’s just another one of those online shooting games? Well we think you’ll love it much more than any of other gun games, because Mad GunZ – pixel shooter has:

Mad gunz download pc windows 7

★ The easiest and intuitive online shooter controls

★ 5 unique maps with easter eggs from your favorite movies and games

★ Extremely dynamic battles with wild enemies are here in crazy online shooting games

★ MadGunZ is one of the best online shooter games because you can enjoy craft in it!
Build your own map and craft items for it in the best shooting games online!

Mad Gunz Download

Enjoying pixel games and online games multiplayer but can’t find really amazing one?
This shooting game online is made for you! It is the one pixel shooter you’ve been waiting for! Survive in one of the most adventurous online shooting games among all online shooter games to save Mr.Fluffy! Mad Gunz is the unique in its madness shooting game online!

We bet you’ve never seen such odd guns in any of online games, FPS and gun games!
A gun of you dream is here in our awesome online shooting games multiplayer!

Why are you still reading this? Duh. I’m tired of talking about the best online shooter (according to me)! Get one the best online shooter games among other shooting games and especially pixel shooting games, create your location or pick any of our maps and start playing online games for free!

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Battle Royale mode is finally in the game! Huge map, lots of mad enemies and crafting mode! Try your best and become the last survivor!