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Win 32 VST (1.5 Mb). Great for lead and distorted type rhythm as well. Vst guitar that can fit into floopy disc and sound much better than almost.

GUI by Requietus

It's free but donations are welcomed.
Lead guitar vst download fullDownload Nick_Crow_8505_Lead
POWER - Power ON/OFF. HQ - Oversampling ON / OFF. Use OFF to reduce CPU usage, use ON to get the quality sound without aliases (more CPU). When a project or the track is exported to a wave file (mixdown, bounce, render, freeze) oversampling is always automatically enabled regardless of the position of the button.
GAIN - Determines the amount of gain applied by the Pre Amp.
LOW, MID, SWEEP, HIGH - Tone Stack controls.
POWER AMP - Determines the amount of gain applied by the Power Amp.
VOLUME - Output level.
After Nick_Crow_8505_Lead insert some guitar cabinet emulation.

I forbid it's sale, modifications or sharing it over internet without consulting this with me, the author.

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