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GTA 5 APK Download

GTA 5 APK or Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games in 2013 for consoles and later for PCs as well. It is the first main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series after Grand Theft Auto IV which was published in back in the year 2009, and wasn’t a great success like the other Rockstar titles.

The game is set within the fictional state of San Andreas. In single-player story mode, the story revolves around three protagonists, One is a retired bank robber by the name Michael De Santa (formerly known as Michael Townley), The second one is a street gangster Franklin Clinton, and the third is a drug dealer and weaponstrafficker Trevor Philips, and their efforts to commit massive heists while being under constant pressure from a corrupt government agents and other powerful criminals.

Gta San Andreas Apk Download For Android 5.1 1080p

Widely marketed and greatly anticipated, GTA V game broke many records including sales records and became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. The game earned around $800 million in its first day and $1 billion in its first three days. It was widely acclaimed with praise, directed at its multiple characters design, open world, presentation and gameplay.

But the best part is you don’t have to build a super expensive PC or Console to play the game as GTA 5 APK is out right now and you can grab it for free and play it on your android devices! crazy right??


Former bank robber, Michael Townley and his family moved to Los Santos under a new name or alias, nine years after a failed robbery in the fictitious town of Ludendorff, North Yankton. Michael’s life is normal, but boring, until he meets Franklin Clinton, a gangster who seeks to rise up in the underworld of Los Santos, and unexpectedly encounters Trevor Philips, The only other Ludendorff survivor of the bank robbery.

The three are joining forces to carry out a risky mission of robbing a depository and seizing gold worth tens of millions of dollars. However, crooked Feds use the three to carry out their own agenda, as well as several confrontations with rival gangs and other criminals, to take advantage of the trio. Moreover, Trevor learns that the Ludendorff robbery is hiding a horrible secret from Michael. Will the trio succeed in pulling off one of the greatest robberies of all time, amid these obstacles?

GTA 5 Trailer


GTA V APK is an action-adventure game played from the viewpoint of either a third person or first person. Players complete missions to advance through the story, linear scenarios with set goals. Players can also freely explore the huge open world outside of the missions.

The globe is much larger in area than previous entries in the series, consisting of the San Andreas open countryside area, including the fictional Blaine County, and the fictional city of Los Santos. After the game’s beginning, it can be completely explored without any restriction to the area, while story progresses and unlocks more gameplay content as well as areas to be explored.

To battle opponents or even the dumb NPCs walking around the city, player can use melee attacks like the knifes and bat, weapons and explosives, and can sprint, hop, swim or use vehicles to move around the globe. The game includes vehicle types that were not in the previous version, in Grand Theft Auto IV, such as fixed-wing aircraft or jets, to match the scale of the map. It is possible to use auto-aim which makes it even easier for the android players and a cover device in combat as assistance against enemies.

And Just like the previous GTA games, if players commit crimes, law enforcement agencies will react and the Wanted level will keep rising as shown with the stars in the display. The stars indicate the current desired level (police cars, Helis, SWAT teams and even tanks comes into play to lethally dispatch players). And thanks to the better AI in the game, The Police will keep searching for the player around the city until he gets caught or the heat comes down.


To make the game more fun and immersive for millions of players around the globe, GTA V APK features a number of significant visual and technological upgrades.

Here are some of the most amazing new and updated features offered by GTA 5:

  • Grand Theft Auto V APK can run up to 60FPS in full HD, that is if your android smartphones support it.
  • There are tons new weapons introduced in the game to cause more destruction and chaos than ever.
  • New and Improved vehicles have also been added to the game to it more appealing and fun to play for the players.
  • Tons of side activities have also been introduced as its kind of the signature feature for most of the GTA games by Rockstar
  • One of the most fascinated features introduced in this game is the additional wildlife, that is mostly inspired by the other most popular title by Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption.
  • GTA 5 APK also features a much denser traffic than the other GTA titles.
  • New foliage system has also been introduced in the game to make it more appealing in terms of environment design and overall look of the game.
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects also play a very important part in the game.
  • And the most favorite part for every GTA lover is cheats, so GTA 5 has taken it a step higher with new and improved cheat system.

The list just goes on and on with all the new features in the game, these characteristics are improved by amazing resolution, dramatic shifts in lighting, shadows and textures, and a smooth frame rate to ensure the best possible gaming experience for the android the players.

Let’s also talk about some of the other major additions in this game are:

  • All new Rockstar Editor has been introduced in the game.
  • Grand Theft Auto Online is now up and running but currently it only supports the PC and Console version of the game but hopefully, we will have it working for android as well.
  • Single-player mode lets players control three characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton which makes it more interesting as they all go about their own life rather than just one character like in the other games before.
  • Each protagonist also has a set of skills that represent their ability in specific areas such as shooting, driving and much more.
  • Context-specific activities such as scuba diving, BASE jumping, races, bicycle riding and other have also been added. • And also, the Heist mode which is also the main idea or theme of the game as well.

Our Verdict

Rockstar never ceases to amaze its fans and this time with GTA 5 APK, the developers have totally up-end the stakes for everyone out there!

GTA V APK is without any doubt the best Mobile game out there right now that offers everything from high quality graphics, superb gameplay, a great story and tons of things that you could do in the game!

And the best part is that you don’t need to have a high-end expensive PC to play the game, you can have the same amount of fun on your smartphone devices which is as amazing as it gets! So, if you haven’t played it yet, now is your chance to grab the game and get hooked to the immense amount of fun gameplay at your fingertips!

Gta san andreas apk download for android 5.1 12.1

How to Download GTA 5 APK

Now You might be wondering how to actually get the game for your android device and dive right into the action, well the process is rather easy and all you need to do is just follow these few simple steps!

  1. So, firstly you need to make sure that your device allows download from unknown sources, go to settings and find “Allow download from unknown sources” and enable it.
  2. Then next you need to do is just click on the download APK link and wait for the APK to download.
  3. Once you have the GTA 5 APK in your smartphone, just install it and wait for a few moments until its done.
  4. Once the installation is completed, you need to download the OBB file and move it into Android > OBB folder.
  5. Run the game again and that’s it!

Gta San Andreas Apk Download For Android 5.1 1.12.2

ENJOY THE GAME and share it your friends as well!

The all readers aware very well about this game by the name of the GTA. But you couldn’t be very familiar with the grand theft auto. This is an action game type that has grown more popular within a short period of time. Here the protagonist can be known as Carl Johnson. Five years ago he had escaped from his life that he had lived in Los Santos. That is a city full of more corruption. That could be listed as the main reason for the escape of Carl.

But sometimes later Carl returned to his home. Then after visiting there Carl has found the mother of him has been murdered by someone. Also, the family of him has fallen apart due to more issues. Other than that his childhood friends are going towards more disasters. And after the return of Carl, the corrupt cops framed him for the homicide. With these incidents, the games are moving forwards. If you want to play this game really you would find all the procedures here. More types of improvement can be identified with the latest version of the GTA apk.

Features of the GTA apk

  • Highly impressive graphics
    There are all the graphic items here. Those all graphic items are created by various professionals. Therefore the graphic items make the products more interesting. That is one of the reasons that many players are addicted to the game. The above graphic items are made especially for mobile devices. Because those items contain more lightning enhancement here. Apart from that more improved character models as well as color variations can be obtained.
  • Cloud saving support
    There is a specific module that is for the support of the usage of the app. That is provided for all the players by crossing all of your mobile devices.
  • Multiple controlling systems
    There are multiple controls here. Altogether there are three types of control modules here. If you want further more customization actions, you are allowed to do that. There are some modules of display buttons that you could use for the customization.
  • Compatible with other devices
    The GTA apk is compatible with other devices. Those are the other devices that you want while playing the game. There are many types of wireless controls and other Bluetooth devices can be used with this popular game. Those can be easily used because of the compatibility of the app.
  • Multiple languages support
    There are more types of languages here. The app is supported by multiple languages. Therefore any person from any other country can use this app without any restriction as well as without any barrier. Just enjoy it by playing the game.
  • Tip for maximum performance of the app
    The developer team has offered a specific function here. That they recommend the rebooting of the device just after downloading the GTA apk. And that has to be done after closing all the applications running in your device.

Download GTA San Andreas APK Free

GTA San Andreas available on Google play store too. If you want to download unlimited money mod version of this game you can AC Market. AC Market has GTA Mod APK for free. First download and install latest version of AC Market.

Open AC Market and click on search icon.

Now type “Grand” and press enter. Select the game from search results.

Now click on download button.

Gta San Andreas Apk Download For Android 5.1 10

Now you can see popup appear. click on “Free Download” button.

Gta San Andreas Apk Download For Android 5.1 12.1

Free download include video ad. You can have wait and close that video ad to begin download. You will automatically redirect to installation when download completed. Enjoy GTA San Andreas Mod APK.