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Free Tap Tap Thursday Tracks for Android! This is My Collection of Free Tracks:) Separate Download: Mirror1 Mirror2 Download Pack 2-K: Mirror1 Mirror2 2AM Club – “Let Me Down Easy” Airborne Toxic Event – “Wishing Well” Alexandra Stan – “Mr. Saxobeat” All Time Low - “Somewhere in Neverland” An Horse – “Dressed. Download Tap Tap Revenge 4 app for Android. Play three chords in the mobile version of Guitar Hero. If you're a fan of the uber-popular classic Guitar Hero, then you'll like Tap Tap Reborn 2. It's a very addicting game where you tap on different buttons that appear on each fret of a guitar. In order to play, you'll need to tap at precisely the right moment in each song. Tap Tap Dash 2.004 APK for Android – Download Tap Tap Dash is a frantic arcade game. The gameplay is very simple, in theory: you just have to tap the screen each time you see a green sign on the ground.

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Starting this week, we’ll be featuring quick and dirty reviews of must-have smartphone apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 devices.

In our first weekly round-up: a Rock Band-style Glee app for the iPhone, Summon Auntie to help you look out for carpark attendants and more!

iOS: Tap Tap Glee
Fans of the high school drama currently showing only on SingTel mioTV would not want to miss this app that features all the stars on the Emmy’s Award winning hit series. Besides checking out profiles of cast members, you can also download a free Glee track of the day to be used in the app’s Guitar Hero/Rock Band style rhythmic game.

The ad-supported app also sports links to YouTube videos of music performances in previous seasons plus trailers of the upcoming Glee 3D movie. Die-hard fans may purchase their favourite Glee numbers that cost US$0.99 each through an in-app purchase. Or, earn credits to buy the songs by taking up offers such as liking the Facebook page of mobile app network Tapjoy Games.

iOS: Summon Auntie
This quintessentially Singapore app is the driver’s best friend. It taps on the wisdom of crowds to alert drivers in a specific vicinity that a traffic warden or car park attendant is on the prowl. How it works is simple: lock your location after you’ve parked your car. If another user spots a “summon auntie” near your area, you will receive a notification to make a dash for the car. And if you spot a traffic warden, be nice and alert others too.

How useful this app is depends on the cooperation of everyone on the network. Pranksters and folks who are just trying the app for fun will surely result in false alarms. In any case, we simply love the Singlish that’s used to describe the app’s buttons: Park (Ready to Park, Remember to Tap Hor); Alert (Jialat! Auntie Lai Liao) and Kena (Sian. Kena Already). Kudos to the folks from Replaid for this brilliant app. Now, how about an Android version?

Android: Launcher Pro
We wrote about this in a review of Samsung’s Galaxy SII phone, and this invaluable launcher for Android phones replaces your existing interface with one that is more intuitive, easier to use and infinitely more powerful. With support for multiple docks, different icons and a nifty 3D drawer for icons, this makes Android look so much slicker.

And we’re just talking about the free version here – the paid one supports even more powerful advanced widgets. This is a must-have app for most Android users and in particular, folks who love Samsung’s new Galaxy SII, but can’t stand its cartoony TouchWiz interface.

Android: Squeeze Commander
A perfect tool for those who own a Squeezebox music streaming device at home, this is a music lover’s delight. The 2.99€ app basically lets you take control of your library of songs – stored on a Squeezebox server or PC – and lets you play, forward and even download the songs onto your Android device.

While Apple iOS has its great iPeng software app for Squeezebox, this Android counterpart is just as good – in fact, it’s better than Logitech’s official Squeezebox app in that it’s more powerful and stable. Along with the Squeezebox, excellent control software like Squeeze Commander is the reason why many audiophiles are no longer getting off their couches to change CDs – access to thousands of songs is just a finger swipe away.

iOS and Android: Singpet
Nowadays it’s not enough to be just simply an online merchant. For the best of worlds, and to ensure that you deliver the best service to your customers, you will also need to go onto mobile platforms.

An example of this is Singpet, an online pet store in Singapore who just launched their free Android Singpet app recently.


Basically, this app allows pet owners to buy pet supplies and accessories whilst on the go. One nifty time saver is the bar code scanning function. Scan the bar code of pet supplies using your phone’s camera, and this will automatically recognize the product and put it into the shopping cart.

Besides this, the app also stores old invoices, preferences and prior choices, making it easy to place and manage orders.

An absolute must-have for frequent travellers in Singapore, this free app centralises all transport information into one easy-to-use app. Check bus arrival timings, bus routes, and pin your favourites for quick access. Do you drive instead of take public transport? SGTransport also incorporates traffic information like street cameras, and traffic news.

In addition, the app taps on your Windows Phone’s GPS to help you discover nearby bus stops and other amenities, including petrol stations, car parks, and ATMs. And with the ability to set Bing’s picture of the day as the app’s background, every day is a brand new commute.

If I could pick just one Xbox Live game to purchase on Windows Phone 7, I would pick the S$6.99 ilomilo. This is an old-ish game, but an extremely fun and challenging game. Ilo and Milo, two close friends who like to play together, always seem to get lost. Your goal is to help them navigate a three-dimensional puzzle and reunite.

It sounds easier than it really is, due mainly to the dizzying array of obstacles and routes. Walk straight, sideways, upside down, and all over the place trying to find a way from one end of the puzzle to the other, and get an enormous sense of satisfaction when you finally help ilo and milo get together again.

In iOS 14, there is a feature where you can Double Tap or even Triple Tap on the back of the iPhone to launch different functions such as a Camera, Flashlight, Shortcut, etc.Android Phones don’t have this function, but if you want it, then we recommend trying an App called “Tap-tap.” Once installed and launched from your home screen with just one tap (double press) -you get access to all sorts of neat features that are very useful in day-to-day life!

You can customize these actions according to what works best for you by tapping them once when they appear at random intervals throughout your phone usage OR selecting which ones should pop up first upon opening their app.

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What Is Tap Tap APK?

Tap is a handy app that lets you use the double-tap on the back of your device gesture from Android 7.0 to 11 devices for various tasks such as opening apps, turning on and off flashlight mode, accessing Google Assistant with just a single touch, or taking screenshots.

Features Of Tap Tap APK

You can use Tap Tap to assign actions to your convenience and customize them according to what works best for you.

Tap Tap APK is also helpful in saving battery life on mobile devices by disabling the always-on screen feature while using Tap Tap’s gesture, which frees up a lot of power from being wasted.

  • Accept And Reject Calls:-You can set Tap Tap to reject phone calls on your behalf and answer them when you’re ready.
  • Quickly Open Apps And Turn On Flashlight Mode:-You can use Tap Tap’s double-tap gesture for opening apps that are hard to reach with one hand or turning on the flashlight in a dark place without having to unlock your device.
  • Capture Screenshots Easier Than Ever Before:-Tap Tap APK lets you take screenshots by tapping twice on the back of any supported Android version from Android KitKat onwards. You’ll never have trouble retaking clear pictures.
  • Launch Camera:-Launching a camera with the help of Tap Tap APK has never been easier, especially when you have to use your phone with one hand.
  • Toggle Between Mute, Vibrate, and Loud:-You can change your phone’s volume just by tapping Tap Tap APK twice in the middle of your phone.
  • Lock Your Screen With A Gesture:-You can unlock your phone with Tap Tap’s double-tap gesture, too! It doesn’t matter where on your device you tap Tap Tap to launch it – as long as that touch registers and is close enough to a corner; this will work.
  • Launch Google Assistant:-You can also launch the Google Assistant using the tap-tap app.
  • Snooze Or Dismiss Alarm:-The Tap Tap app can be used to snooze or dismiss an alarm, too. Tap Tap can even be used to launch your favorite apps.
  • Control Music Playing On Your Phone:-You can also use Tap Tap to pause, play or go back between songs in your current playlist.
  • Launch Any Shortcut:-You can set the tap tap app to launch any of your favorite apps or open up one of Tap Tap’s shortcuts to quickly take a screenshot, lock your screen, or launch messaging.
  • The Gate Features:-Do you find yourself accidentally turning your screen off with the wave of a hand or pocketing your phone while on a call? The new Gates Feature is here to help! You can now block when and where gestures work so that distracting behavior like these no longer happens. Gates Feature provides increased convenience for users who want to avoid accidental gesture commands by blocking them in situations such as when their device’s screen is turned off, during an active phone call, or any time keyboard buttons are open.

How To Download The Tap Tap APK?

Now it’s time to Download Tap Tap APK for your android mobile. First, you need to follow the below steps to download the Tap Tap APK file.

  • First, download the latest version of Tap Tap APK from our given link.
  • Open the download folder using the file manager and click on the downloaded file.
  • Your phone may ask to enable installing applications from Unknown Sources. To do that, go to settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources.
  • Enable installing from Unknown Sources
  • Now click on the Install button to install the Tap Tap app on your android mobile.
  • Wait for some time while the app is installed on your phone.
  • After successfully done, you can start using the app.


Is this app is free to use?

The Tap Tap app is free to use.

Is this the latest version of Tap Tap?

Yes, it’s the latest version of Tap Tap.

Is it safe to use the application?

Yes, Tap Tap is 100% safe to use.

Is this version free from ads?

The latest version of Tap Tap APK doesn’t have any advertisements in it. It’s ad-free.

Download Tap Tap Glee For Android Emulator

Is this app slows down your device?

No, Tap Tap isn’t a battery eater.


What are the supported languages of the Tap Tap app?

All significant languages, excluding the Chinese language, have been included in this app, including English, German, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

How to uninstall Tap Tap from an android mobile phone?

To uninstall it go to settings>>Apps>>Tap tap app>>Uninstall button >>Confirm Uninstallation . The application will be deleted from your device promptly without any hassle at all.

Download Tap Tap Glee For Android App


In the conclusion part, I want to say that Tap Tap is a great app. I always use it and never had any problems with the performance or other things like ads, battery eating, etc.

The most recent Tap Tap APK is called “Tap Tap v0.71,” If you want to install this particular one on your device, then be sure to click the download button.

Download Tap Tap Glee For Android Free


Download Tap Tap Glee For Android Apk

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