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Rooting, which is the same as jailbreaking in iOS devices, is an essential procedure that provides you with unlimited access to your Android smartphone or tablet's operating system. This newly acquired administrator privileges can then be used to bypass the various restrictions that were put in place by your Android gadget's manufacturer. Android rooting was previously considered to be a dreadful task that was only left for computer experts (geeks).

How can I root my Samsung S4 4.2.2 KitKat without using a PC? Just download a small app named 'kingo root' just google kingoroot.apk. Kingo Root Apk Download 1.4.2. Android KingoRoot Apk is a well advanced and user-friendly rooting tool. Kingo Root Rooting app works on Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Acer, LG, Huawei many other devices. KingoRoot Android Apk supports over millions of smart phones and tablets without brick or damage them. Certified OneClickRoot Technicianshelp you in 3 effortless steps. Safely Root Your Android Device. Fast, secure and easy rooting procedure. Thousands of devices successfully rooted. Set an expert appointment in 1 click. Hey guys 2day im gonna show you how to root android 4.2.2im using the huawei Y-320 and im using the samsung galaxy s4 to record the videoplease dont forget t.

However, this has significantly changed over the years, thanks to the presence of numerous effective apps that can be reliably used to unlock your Android tablet or smartphone's full potential through rooting. Rooting with PC normally involves a lot of complex procedures and scripts, hence; can easily brick your smartphone or tablet if done in an improper manner. This highly informative article is going to introduce you to the top 8 root APKs that you can use to root your Android device.

You are guaranteed to have the much-needed peace of mind while using any of the Android applications discussed below. This is because all the top 8 Android rooting applications provided in this guide have a simple, attractive interface and are very easy to use.

Preparations of Android Rooting

It is important that you do the following things before deciding to root your Android phone or tablet without PC by using any of the 8 Android applications provided in this guide.

- Backup any important private information that is stored on your Android device to other security places like desktop computer, external hard drive, etc.

- Ensure the power of your Android device is more than 60 percent.

Android Root App Download

- Activate the 'Enable Unknown Sources' device settings option.

- Enable USB debugging options on your device.

- Download the 'Root Checker' Android app from the Google Play store.

Now you can proceed to download and use any of the following apps to root your Android smartphone or tablet.

Top 6 Root APKs to Help You Root Your Android without PC

1. Framaroot

Framaroot is a popular and highly effective Android root application that was developed by 'Alephzain' who was a member of the 'XDA' forum community. This one-click Android application can be used to root and unroot any tablet or smartphone with incredible ease.

Framaroot, which is considered to be one of the fastest ways to root Android without PC, contains many essential exploits that can be used to root a wide range of devices including those that make use of the 'MTK' chipset. Just like all the other rooting applications provided in this guide, Framaroot has a relatively high success rate, hence; is unlikely to disappoint.

2. KingRoot

KingRoot is a potent Android root tool that can be used to root without or with a computer. This application is light-weight in nature and has been proven to work flawlessly on most MTK Android device models like Sony Experia, Motorola and Samsung just to name a few.

Android 2.2 Apps Free Download

Android users whose gadgets run on Android 4.2.2 or higher will be able to root their devices in a matter of seconds while using the KingRoot app. KingRoot is developed in Chinese. However, you can easily press the distinct blue button provided in its interface to root your Android smart phone or tablet even if you don't necessarily understand the Chinese language.

3. Universal Androot

The Universal Androot application provides you with an even easier way to root your smartphone or tablet. Just like its name suggests, this Android root tool can be used to provide root access to a wide range of devices. You are advised to always select your device's correct Android version if you wish to successfully root your Android smartphone or tablet using this super-effective application.

4. iRoot

iRoot( is considered to be a more advanced version of vRoot, which is a leading PC Android rooting app. Just like vRoot, iRoot can help you easily root any Android gadget using iRoot provided it is running on Android 2.2 to 4.4 operating systems. According to its developers, iRoot makes use of a unique technology that has a success rate of about 95%. But if your Android device is running on a system above of Android OS 4.4, then you need to try other apps to root it.

5. Z4root

Z4root is probably the oldest app for rooting Android without PC. The amazing app supports a wider range of Android devices and can be used to root even older devices. The popular application is quite easy to use and can be used to unlock almost every available Android mobile chipset.

Android 4.2.2 Update Download

Z4root is estimated to have a success rate of about 99%. This is even higher than all the other applications discussed in this section. The effective Android root tool that was also developed by an XDA forum member has a unique temporary root feature that can be used to unlock an Android device until it is rebooted.

Please go to here to learn more details abotu this Android root apk:

6. Towel Root

This is a very small application that can be used to provide root access in just a few seconds. Towel Root, which also works using the one-click root technology, was developed by 'Geohot' the famous hacker and developer. This Android root tool is recommended for individuals with relatively new devices like the newly released Samsung Galaxy and Nexus gadgets. HTC device owners should avoid using the Towel Root application as it is incompatible with their devices.

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How to easily root Android 4.4.2?

The android root is the only way that we found to use to bring advanced features on an older model smartphone and tablet. You do not have to waste your time since there are free android rooting tools in the market for you all. We are going to give you a complete guide about how toroot Android 4.4.2 easily? Check your device android version from Settings and About panels. If it is version 4.4.2, then this narration will fit for you. It is Kingoroot that we brought as one of the remarkable offers of XDA developers. You can use it to bring root permission simply on your handset as follows.

Why root Android 4.4.2?

You may still wonder why we root our devices. Just keep in mind that rooting is not another app installation. Or it is not about open a certain feature. There is a heap of features like flash custom ROM, stop ads in third-party apps, boost the phone performance, save battery and expand its time, install restricted games/themes/apps and mods and more that we simply call root-only features that you can arrange and enjoy. Not any single of these can have when you are with the normal Android OS but when it has been rooted.

Root Android 4.4.2 with Kingoroot


  • Create a proper data backup of all your important data
  • Charge the device
  • Enable unknown sources from the Settings section of the handset
  • Download the latest version of Kingo root
  • Disable if there is a virus guard on your device till the end of the operation

The procedure

  • Install kingo root app on your smartphone
  • Launch it with a tap on the kingo app icon
  • Go through each and every condition and detail of the app
  • You will see the root button there. Click is and keep the device on a table and stay patiently
  • The complete process will take around 5 minutes. The end will note with a reboot

So then only you can operate the device and check if it became a rooted handset

Final words

Tools like Root Checker will help you to make sure if the device has been rooted or not. However, the app we suggest call Kingoroot has a Windows based package too that can use if you wish to launch it on a wide screen. Or else we suggest this if you failed the Kingo root apk option repeatedly.

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