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Harvest Moon first hit the United States a full decade ago on the SNES, giving gamers an entertaining and decidedly different experience from games at the time. Since then the series has evolved slowly, with small additions making for a more complete package. Consequently, despite the unique opportunities of the system Harvest Moon DS just doesn't feel that much different then Friends of Mineral Town on the GBA.

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Download Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PS1 GAME ISO Google Drive, The game begins with main character inheriting a small amount of money and ramshackle farm covered in weeds.Over the course of the game the player must build a thriving farm, and become a friend of the citizens of Mineral Town. Harvest Moon - Back to Nature Free full Pc Download Links:or How to get Harvest Moon on Android: http://raboninco.

Harvest Moon DS is one of the few installments in the series that doesn't follow your inheritance of the farm from your grandpa. Instead, you're tasked with saving the Harvest Goddess and her Sprites who have been unintentionally sent to another world by the Witch Princess. How do you do this? By running a successful farm of course!

There are a lot of things to do in Harvest Moon; you'll get to grow crops, care for animals, court a girl, gamble, and much more. Harvest Moon's open ended nature has always been its greatest strength, but for newer players this can lead to a problematic lack of direction. Veterans on the other hand might find it hard to shake the feeling that you've done this all before.

Further adding to the deja-vu is the fact the game looks and sounds exactly like its predecessors. With the home versions having long since made the jump to 3d, it would have been nice to see at least some change to the Harvest Moon aesthetic. Again, this is really only an issue for veterans of the series because the game never looked bad.

Many were probably hoping that the DS touch screen would offer up some new tricks for the franchise. Unfortunately the stylus implementation is half baked and you'll mostly use the stylus to navigate menus. By picking up an item cleverly entitled 'Touch Screen Glove'? you'll unlock a few minigames where you can manually pet, sheer or milk your animals. This is a fun diversion the first few times, but it's hamstrung by the fact that actually playing the minigames is far more time consuming then simply automatically petting, sheering or milking your animals with one button. Overall the implementation of the touch screen feels like an afterthought more then a fully implemented feature.

On its own merits, Harvest Moon DS is still a pretty good game. It follows the Harvest Moon formula to the letter, and that ultimately makes it just as good as previous installments in the series. If you're new to the series this is a fine place to start, but if you've already played Friends of Mineral Town you've already seen much of what this game has to offer.

Overall rating: 7

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Mod Apk is a simulation game truly based on farming and agriculture. It is developed by Victor Interactive Software. Victor Interactive Software is a Japanese company and works in the gaming industry since 1996. the Harvest Moon is also available for Play Station users. but now it is easily available for pc and android phones. now let’s go and know deeply about all the necessary instructions to play this game.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Mod Apk

The Harvest Moon: Back to Nature APK Android is a NatSum’s Farm Simulation series. Harvest Moon series made its debut on PlayStation with Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Starting with some initial equipment and very limited capital, you start the all arduous task of activating your grandfather’s field and thus claim his position as his legal successor.


Members are granted three years to reach this goal. There are four terms in time, each perpetual 30 days. Several crops can be settled in each season, but the property must be cleared before sowing the seeds and then the soil should be congested.

Download and Installation of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

It will take some time to download. You will follow the instruction below.

1. Below you will see a download link. Please go and click on it.
2. After clicking, you will see that it will be downloaded automatically.
3. Immediately after downloading, open it in any file manager.
4. If your third party installation setting is not on, then turn it on quickly.
5. Go to the file manager and click on that file.
6. After clicking, you will see an interface.
7. Above that interface will be an install button. Quickly click on the install button.
8. As soon as you click on the install the button, it will be installed here automatically.

Now your app is ready to use completely. While you want to play it, open it and use it.

Features of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

– You figure that there is a mode of Three Person Approach which helps you earn more gardens.

– Harvest Moon: Back to Nature has 3D graphics to play like real-time experience.

– The Game has Non-linear, real-time gameplay that allows for a wide assortment of events.

– Oppournitty to Battle with villagers in stimulating festivals such as Chicken Sumo and an annual Town Tomato Fight.

– Collect and cook various dishes. Make your own dishes to woo women in the city.

– Help the Harvest Sprite to help around the farm.

– Cartoon Graphics are engaging.

– Agriculture and reproduction topics help you to boost your farm.

The Gameplay of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

The game starts with the central character, who has very limited funds and seeds. Throughout the game, the contestant needs to create flourishing farmland and grow a patron of the residents of Mineral Town. While Harvest Moon members necessity a balance within agreeing to the field and communicating among different personas to keep the attention.

To open with the account, the player must cross the first hurdle to get rid of weeds and reestablish the field by planting new crops. Once the farm is completely rejuvenated, a three-year time limit is set. Time passes when the player is outside and closes inside shops or various buildings such as barns and mines. Growing both crops and cattle requires daily care and timely oversight.

Download Harvest Moon Back To Nature For Mac

Download Harvest Moon Back To Nature For Mac Game

Our final statement is that you have to download and try it once and tell us by commenting on how your experience was after playing this game.

Download Harvest Moon Back To Nature For Machamp

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