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You'll first find yourself in a transfer bay you left sector 1 in. Feel free to explore the room for health and ammo. After that, take a left to see a sign that reads...
Research Facility ?
?SkyTram Research
Access will be denied to the SkyTram research, so continue onward to the Research Facility.
Keep going down the hall 'till you come to the next door, in this room, look to the left and find a sign that says 'gallery'. Go into that room and around the exhibit to find some armor. Go back to the room, take a right to the next room. Go to the left door that reads 'Research Sector A', since the other ways are denied. In here, just explore the many offices in the area. Collect health and ammo, and go to the office in the center. In here you will find a PDA, then start to retrace your steps as you are ambushed by a number of Revenants and Vulgars. Now once you are back in the main room, bring out your artifact to prepare for the bruiser soon to come. When the bruiser spawns, activate the artifact and just simply punch him. Nice and easy. Look to the left at the door with an access panel and a sign reading 'Research Sector B'. Go to the panel and activate the door. Go through the door and down the stairs, now you will find an office with McNeil inside with some activated sentinels keeping the perimeter secured. Walk forward and a cinematic will play, McNeil gives you a briefing on what needs to be done with the artifact. Continue down the halls and through the next closet-like room. Continue to the next room, which will have an airlock inside. Cycle the airlock.
Straight off the bat you will find many Forgottens waiting for you. Take them out with your gravity gun. Continue down the walkway, grabbing the oxygen tank up the way. Take out the two Revenants there, and keep ascending up the stairs. Once at the top level, you will find a door. Scan your access card. You should have it by now, and will grant you access through the door.
In this room, go forward, coming to two stair sets, one up and one down, go to the one leading up, and hit the button on the access panel. Go back and go down the stairs, collect the PDA near the dead body, and go down the walkway, taking out 2 revenants and 2 Vulgars on the way. Go up the stairs, and find a door with a dead marine next to it. And YAY you�re outside again. Sprint down the bridge, ignoring the enemies, rushing to the airlock.
Immediately after the airlock cycling, 2 Vulgars will be waiting for you. Take a left and into the next room. Fight off the enemies waiting for you. Then take a left and into the next room. There will be quite the lot of Z-Secs waiting for you. After the area is secured, there is good news for you fellow A.D.D. guys out there...there is now a new game! Martian Buddy Blaster!
Anyway, Turn around and go into the door with a box in front of it, collect the ammo inside and head back. Take a right down the hallway. 2 Z-Secs will be waiting for you, kill them and head left. A Few more Z-Secs will ambush you, at the end of the hallway, take the PDA there, turn around and into the door at the side of the hall. Collect some health and Ammo in this small room, in the next area, you will find a key-code access panel, and you will hear 'Warning: automated turret guns online' Enter the code '281', and the bridge will lower, hearing 'automated turrets offline.' Head on across the bridge, and kill the various Z-Secs securing the area, now in this room, you will find your handy dandy plasma gun! Go to the access panel in the back of the room, and activate the lift. Now retrace your steps all the way back from the halls, and the room where Martian Buddy Blaster is. In that room, you are gonna encounter quite a few Vulgars and revenants. Go through the door at the 7-o-clock of the game, through the small room, and take aright. This time access will be granted to the lift area, go onto the lift and activate it. Wait a lil' bit, doo doo doo doo doo...manah manah�
Okay there. Go through the room ahead of you, and straight off a cinematic will activate where you encounter... Hell Hunter Shield!
Hell Hunter Shield - By: Fluffy Kitty
Health: 2700
Attacks: Slash-50; Bolt- 35; Electrical Field- Up to 100
Ability gained: Invulnerability
Oh crap. The other Hell Hunters were pushovers when compared to this guy. This will be the toughest Hell Hunter fight, but that doesn't mean it's impossible, or even all that hard if you are good. I suggest the Chaingun for this guy. First, use your artifact, and pepper him with .30 caliber bullets. Soon he will become invicible, but a shield generator will give you the option to open it up. Open it up, and fire at it until it blows (Preferably with the rocket launcher as we want to conserve Chaingun ammo). Repeat this step another two times, until all the shields are down. Be warned that all his attacks now do 25% more damage. Now, if you need souls, use the fellow up above or the marines in the hidden section below. There is also ammo down there, but you are extremely vulnerable to electrical fields while down there. Use your artifact one more time and fire away with your Chaingun (Or rocket launcher if you managed to run out of chain gun bullets). Once he's dead, you are greatly rewarded for your efforts with the best power of all: Invulnerability!
Now that you have your artifact charged with invulnerability, you should be practically unbeatable! Well now, just turn around and head back to the lift and activate it. doo doo doo doo.....manah manah�
Okay, now head on through the hall, taking out the Revenant waiting for you. Take a left and through the clear glass door. Now you should be in an office. Activate the Panel and collect the PDA sitting on the desk, now you will see a big tough scary bruiser stomping his way down the hall. Head back to where you were, activate the artifact, and kill the two bruisers waiting there. Take a right, killing the revenant in your way, and head on down the hallway, in this room, activate the artifact, and kill the crapload of enemies on there, once they are gone, activate the access panel that reads 'open bay door' and exit to Phobos Labs: Sector 3.


First off, you are gonna find yourself in the elevator you exited the last level in. Feel free to explore the cavern you end up in, collecting weapons and ammo, along with a human whose soul you can collect. Shortly after the message you receive, there will be a number of Forgottens that will attack you. Destroy them, and head on up the stairs to the next room.
In this area, many wraiths and one trite will attack you. After they are dead, just keep going up the stairs and fight yet more wraiths. Keep going down the hall killing the wraiths on the way, until you come to a door. Immediately to the door's other side, is a PDA of a man named Stewart Jackson. Now you are gonna need the artifact to get through all those bluish-green death balls going back and forth. Activate the artifact, and slip on through. Continue through the hallway straight ahead. You will find a cavern with a building on the other side, you will quickly be attacked by a Vulgar. Soon after killing him, feel free to explore the room for health and ammo pickups. Then go inside the building, and fight some z-sec zombies mixed with some Vulgars. Go up the stairs to your right and find the elevator in the area, and go to the level above. You will fight two z-sec zombies, and a locker, which combination you will later find in a PDA. Continue to the next area, with z-sec zombies scattered on the way. Go through the door ahead of you, you will kill a few zombies, and in the next room, will find a guy who turns into a zombie before your eyes, kill him before he has the chance to attack, and download his PDA. Don’t forget to take the power cell out of the generator either. Retrace your steps all the way back to the elevator, and along the way go to the locker and enter the code ‘769’, and go back to the elevator to the lower level. Once the doors open, there will be a camping Vulgar waiting for you. After he is dead, go through the door and go to the access panel, which you will now be able to bypass. You will straight off find a PDA of Steven Crane, which has a combination to a locker in the upcoming area.
Go to the door to your left, and fight a number of zombies, go to the left in the office area, climb up the ladder, and go through the area killing random zombies, you will come into a room, with two small offices behind glass. Go in the one to your left, and find a nice little arcade game, much like super turbo turkey puncher 3. Enter the code ‘428’ and collect the super shotgun and key inside the locker. The door at the end of the hallway can now be accessed. Go through it into a room. Look to your left to find a power cell generator. Remove the power cell. Many zombies will soon ambush you. Kill em’ off, and retrace your steps all the way back to the ladder. in the middle of your way back, your vision will turn all red. Followed by about ten zombies. Finally go back down the ladder you came in, and through the door. Now, go to the artifact control room straight ahead of you.
You will quickly be greeted by a number of Vulgars. Go down the hallway, which has a window to the right side. Go through the door ahead of you, and to your right insert the two power cells into the generator that are in your inventory. Go to the access panel on your left and click on 'vent gas'. The room should clean out pretty quickly. Watch behind you as two soldiers will try to ambush you while the gas is venting. Retrace your steps through the hall again. Now you will come to the room that leads 3 ways again. Take a left through the door, once you are in the next room, look to your left to find a door that says 'artifact storage' above it. Go through the door, which leads to the room that you just vented out. Now download 'Victor Kharkov's' PDA, and take a left to the access panel, you should automatically get a new inventory item just by walking up to it. You are now given a new objective to find Dr. Cloud.
Many Vulgars will quickly ambush you. Kill them off and head into the door straight across the steps, where zombies will come out at you. Keep heading through the hall and to the next room. There should be a large door with an access panel to the side saying 'open Bay door'. Click on it. Inside the bay there should be an access panel exit to Erebus Control.

Doom 3 Roe Key Generator Code

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