Declicker Vst Plugin Download

DeClicker allows you to remove clicks from audio material.

Activate/Deactivate DeClicker

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Activates/Deactivates the module.

Noise Listening Mode

Allows you to listen to the signal that has been removed from the original audio material.


Allow you to monitor the quantity of impulsive noise that is removed from the signal.


Avoid letting the meter reach the red region, as this can produce destructive artifacts.


Allows you to remove very short impulsive noise from the audio signal.


Allows you to remove medium-sized impulsive noise from the audio signal.


Allows you to remove long impulsive noise from the audio signal.

Are you not appeased due to noise in the background?

Want to get rid of it, but don’t know how?

When producing music, noise reduction is an essential part; it’s like butter to its bread, can’t go on without it.

Being more specific, buzzless, and noiseless audio is what everyone is looking for.


If you are someone who deals with sound recordings on an everyday basis, you know that the struggle is real when even after complying with all the rules, you have to edit the recording to clear out the noise in the background.

However, there is a way you can save yourself from this long and boring task: get a noise reduction plugin.

A sound reduction plugin helps you get rid of the unwanted noise or sound that ends up in your audio tracks.

With such software application, you can easily remove sounds like clicks, hums, ground buzzes, and crackles from the audio.

But how are you going to find one of the best ones that suit your needs?

Lucky for you, we’re going to talk about some of these top-rated plugins.

So sit back, relax, and read away.

iZotope RX 7

Before the release of version 7, iZotope RX 6 was widely used and loved by the music producers all over the globe.

The reason being is that it can clean up the foulest recordings.

Hence proves that version 7 is no far behind.

RX 7 comes in with better features that help you in audio repair.

It has a spectrum of spectral repair tools and analyzers, which enables you to keep a check and remove noise from the audio tracks.


  • Repair Assistant software to cleverly identify the noise, clips, clinks, whir, and other audio oddities
  • AudioSuite plug-in, Music Rebalance, for quick identification and adjustments of each element of a mix.
  • Pitch and Time Changer lets you set the pitch without harming the audio time, and contrariwise
  • Save yourself from ADR sessions with Speech Contouring
  • Speech De-Reverb for reducing echo in speech track
  • Can assist Multichannel
  • Spectral repair for in-depth audio analysis
  • Amplified UI

Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser

Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted noises.

Many of the features it possesses are considered useful since it cleans up even the slightest of noises such as a merged de-hisser.

It comes in with three noise reduction effects Oxford DeClicker, DeBuzzer, and DeNoiser.

With the DeClicker plugin, you can edit the audio without disturbing the rest of it.

Whereas, the DeNoiser comes in with a ‘warmth’ feature that is where you can fill in some of the frequency that vanishes as soon as you apply the noise reduction to the audio.


  • Partitions to remove the hissing sound can detect and remove noise
  • Spot on resolution layout of sound profile and input signal
  • Can fine-tune the noise threshold and reduce it by using the frequency bias curve
  • Mid-side feature
  • After the process, audio warmth can be restored by using warmth control
  • A/B comparison is facilitated by Make-up gain

ReaFIR by Cockos

Cockos is widely known for a feature called Reaper.

Reaper gives outstanding shareware free of cost that would normally cost hundreds of dollars.

This stands tall from many other plugins due to its flexibility and wealth pro features.

The features make it capable for ultra-precise sound shaping.

Users tend to find it very useful for mixing processes and different stages of production.


  • An FFT-based plugin with a size range of 128-32768
  • FIR gives out a variety of functions revolving around FFT spectrum analysis.
  • EQing and dynamics processing for reducing noise circuitry
  • Serves as a gate, a compressor, and a dedicated EQ
  • Flexibility of the operating system
  • Responsive UI

Redunoise by Voxengo

This one is a high power noise reduction plugin that comes with a good range of controls to eliminate and reduce the noise.

The capabilities that this plugin possesses goes beyond the borders than an average noise-reducing plugin.

It can be of great use in your production process.

Redunoise focuses more on repairing the noisy single tracks, although it also works well with mixes.

You would be surprised by the result; it won’t let you down.


  • High-resolution audio spectrum assessment
  • Eliminates the sound without affecting the rest of the signal.
  • Redunoise comes with two types of filtering: analog-prototype and linear-phase.
  • Sound learn function for easy and quick cleanup of audio material.
  • Both type of scale switches, linear and logarithmic
  • Reverse option with every parameter
  • Comparison features

Waves W43

An audio engineer would surely know about this one.

Waves have been around for quite a while and is a major plugin used across the globe.

The design of this software was inspired by the legend Dolby Cat43, a prototypical hardware noise reduction unit back in the 70s.

Like its ancestor, it would be wrong if you wouldn’t set your standards high for Waves.

W43 belongs to the Waves suit ‘intelligent’ plugin; it comes with a feature that allows you to distinguish the sound and catch it from the audio signals.

The difference between the manual and intelligent plugin is that the intelligent plugin works faster with zero latency.

In much simpler words, it means if you use it on your audio track, you won’t lose the sync, which is an obvious time saver.

You can set your thresholds high for this one.


  • Relatively low priced
  • Don’t have to be a pro to play around with it
  • No latency at all
  • Possibility of more than one instances
  • 24-bit/192kHz resolution

Antares SoundSoap 5

An app that stands alone. Antares has come a long way since it’s past owned by BIAS back in 2012.

Antares is the cheapest and fastest option on the list for noise reduction.

If you are having trust issues since the switch of the owner, you should know that the CEO of Antares is the very same genius behind BIAS.

Vst Plugin Download Audacity

Antares has a wide range of audio processing tools that also includes Auto-Tune.

This is an excellent noise reduction solution that can work with any professional audio and video processing software.

Since it joined hands with SoundSoap, you can expect even better and higher results.


  • New and improved removal of the ‘hum’ sound
  • Can detect noise automatically*
  • It can set the location of the noise*
  • A waveform video exhibit *
  • Better versions of media controls*
  • Can underwrite FLAC and MP3*
  • Full bypass can facilitate A/B comparison*
  • Reset button

Waves Z-Noise

This is another sound reduction plugin that works under the banner of Waves.

This one comes in with new algorithms that clear the background noise without adding in artifacts or damaging the sound quality.

The Z-noise is part of the ‘manual’ plugin from the Waves suit.

The version is a little older, but it does justice to sound control.

It wants you to identify the targeted sound print, which will then allow you to ride off the unwanted sounds with the start point and band controls.


  • Improved algorithms for music
  • Active sound profile
  • Has a 5-band EQ
  • Can create a noise profile from any audio by using Extract mode
  • Operates in Real-time
  • Saves low frequencies
  • Enhances the high-frequency details
  • Can extinguish “smearing”
  • A true broadband processor

Accusonus ERA Bundle

This audio restoration plugin bundle includes the ERA-N feature.

Accusonus is one of those unheard companies in terms of audio repair; however, they offer affordable and easy to use features with quick results.

Accusonus provides you with the distinctive capability to reduce the sound through a single knob control.

The benefits of its tools are that you can work with them in real-time and end up with instant results.

Even if you are new at this, the knob feature is very easy to handle by almost anyone out there.

It’s surely worth it for video editors and indie filmmakers, even audio engineers who require the fastest solutions to their problems.

Besides the ERA bundle, it also has the ERA-D bundle.

The difference between the two is that ERA-D works as a 2-channel ‘intelligent’ sound reduction.

This means you can add in 2 channels such as boom and lav, and the two channels would work together, making it an easier and denoising process with minimal artifacts.

So, don’t confuse the two versions of doing the same thing.

There is a slight upgrade in the ERA-D version.


Korg Vst Plugin Download

  • New algorithms for de-noising
  • Five types of presets that can be used to focus on specific frequency bands
  • Reflex sound profile estimation
  • Reduce sound with a single knob


To sum it all together, all these noise reduction plugins come with their very own unique features for you to explore and work with.

The iZotope RX 6 tops them all since it meets all the high standards of what a noise reduction plugin should possess.

It’s flexible, fast, and convenient to use.

However, the rest of them follow through as well.

It all depends on your taste and what you are comfortable with the most.