Corel Brush Pack Free Download

By Heather Michelle Chinn. Painter Master Heather Michelle Chinn gives you a comprehensive look at using the Hair brush pack in ParticleShop. With these 15 brushes you can change a haircut, tease some bounce, or retouch. Unlike traditional hairbrushes, these new brushes have an organic appeal that’s easy to pick up and use.

  1. Corel Brush Pack Free Download For Pc


Corel Brush Pack Free Download For Pc


The Complete Signature & Sketching Collection released October, 2015

19 Brushes Total includes:

  • 2 Signature Brushes
  • 6 Blenders Pack
  • 13 Color Brushes

Compatible with Corel Painter 2016 & Newer


These brushes are extremely sensitive to pressure and tilt direction allowing the user to choose one size and get a tremendous amount of variation by simply adjusting their pressure. Brushes work best when set individually with the brush calibration feature within Painter with a pressure sensitive stylus such as the Wacom Intuos or Wacom Bamboo tablet/pen. These brushes will not give expression if used with a mouse. Some of Heather’s favorite sketching brushes range from worn greasy stubs, to messy ink pens, to Chinese watercolor brushes, to sloppy oil brushes. Plus, the “signature” brushes (2) are excellent for signing your work on a blank layer (can be used in a clipping mask in Photoshop). The new Alla Prima Streamers brush provides incredibly organic looking brush marks for the alla prima enthusiast! These expressive brushes allow the user to doodle and sketch to their heart’s content with minimal changes in size and opacity. It is not recommended to use these brushes on a blank layer (the only exception being the “signature” brushes).

Software or Wacom tablet not included in purchase.

Corel Brush Pack Free Download

You will receive a digital download from Sharefile within 24 hours of purchase. Please check your spam mail as Sharefile notifications have been reported to be filed as “spam.”


Brushes come as a .brushcategory and may be loaded in Corel Painter by opening Painter>Brushes>Import>Brush Category> (select this file). Note that you must install one brush category at a time. There are three brush categories within this download.

To view a quick video demoing the brushes, check out