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GNU GRUB is a multiboot boot loader. It was derived from GRUB, the GRand Unified.

Automatically change your wallpaper based on local weather conditions, your laptop's battery level or the time of day, with this unobtrusive application

What's new in Chameleon 2.0:

  • Support high-DPI displays
  • Dedicated installer that has the program automatically run at startup
  • Settings and wallpapers are now stored in ~/ChameleonApp directory
  • Show weather when hovering on tray icon
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You can get tired of a single wallpaper fairly quickly no matter how impressive it is. There are plenty of applications that can change your background, but these usually pick an image at random.

Chameleon does things a little differently. It relies on various parameters, such as the local weather conditions, current time or battery status, to apply a specific wallpaper from its database. It is unobtrusive and very easy to configure.

Monitor a wide range of parameters

If you want to keep things relatively simple, you can just have the application change wallpapers based on your laptop’s battery level or the current time of day. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, so we don’t go into too much detail.

Alternatively, the application can monitor the weather conditions in a certain location and change to a wallpaper that matches them. It can track the overall weather status, wind speed, temperature, humidity and heat index.

Innovative automatic wallpaper changer

Chameleon doesn’t come with any wallpapers, which is understandable considering their file size, so you will have to insert images yourself. You can add a picture for each situation, and the program will set it as your wallpaper when the right conditions are met.

If you use any of the weather functions, you will need to provide your location. Just access the settings and select your state then pick one of the available weather stations. Unfortunately, though, only locations in the United States seem to be supported for now.

Unobtrusive and novice-friendly

Once you’ve configured everything, just click Run and let the application work in the background. It can be accessed from the system tray at any time, but it will not interfere with your activities otherwise.

Overall, Chameleon is a neat piece of software that can keep your desktop interesting by switching wallpapers based on various parameters. It is easy to configure, though adding the wallpapers might take some time, but the current version can only gather weather information for locations in the US.

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Chameleon Bootloader For Windows 8

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Chameleon 2.0

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