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Yes, you can share content from your external HDD/USB Drive. Please connect your external HDD/USB drive to your Jio Home Gateway or Jio Set Top Box, then the HDD/USB will be visible in the list of connected devices in the JioHome App within the JioFiber WiFi network and the content can now be easily played and shared with anyone on the same network.

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Features of Online Money Transfer Service

Real-time fund transfer from bank account to anyone in India

Jio offers an online money transfer facility using which you can transfer money to anyone in India. Using Jio fund transfer service you can transfer money even if the beneficiary doesn’t have an account with your bank. On a real-time basis, money gets credited in beneficiary’s bank account.

Transfer funds without adding beneficiary

Online fund transfers typically require you to add and activate beneficiary and you can do money transfers only after that. But using our app you can transfer money without adding beneficiaries. You just have to specify the beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code and money will be credited in their bank account in real-time, directly from your Jio account.

Self account money transfer

Using Jio online money transfer service you can transfer money between your own accounts as well. This is a very useful service if you hold multiple accounts with the bank as at a click of a button you can do fund transfer between your own accounts. This service also works if you hold accounts with other banks - you can debit money from your Jio Bank account and credit money into any of your account with other banks.

BHIM UPI ID transfer money

Online Jio fund transfer service also allows you to transfer money to a BHIM UPI ID. This is particularly useful if the beneficiary also uses a BHIM UPI app wherein without requesting for beneficiary’s account details you can directly transfer money to their BHIM UPI ID. In such cases, money gets credited in the account which is linked with their BHIM UPI ID.

My Jio App Download

Transfer money to mobile number

Another way to transfer money is via mobile number. With the help of our app you can easily transfer money to your friends and family without requesting for their account number + IFSC code or BHIM UPI ID. When you transfer money to a mobile number, money gets credited in beneficiary’s bank account which is linked to their mobile number in our app.Jio tv app

Transaction limit

Online money transfer service is being offered by Jio to all its customers free of cost. You don’t have to pay any charges for using the online money transfer service and can transfer money from your bank account as and when required.

No charges for using online money transfer service

Due to some reason if you want to change your Jio BHIM PIN then you can use our mobile app for instantly changing your Jio Bank UPI PIN. Your new PIN will be immediately registered in your Jio account and you can use it for performing financial transactions.

24x7 service

Online money transfer service works 24x7 and enables you to transfer money whenever required so that you don’t have to visit the branch or ATM and can initiate fund transfer directly from your mobile. You can even do fund transfer on weekends, bank holidays and public holidays.

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) app is now available for smartphone users. It is a UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based app. And you can use this app via linking your Bank account using your Bank registered mobile number. The app is officially released by Government of India, So we can ensure that BHIM is a safe, secure and reliable Cashless payment app. And if you are thinking to download, Install and activate it on your based smartphone then you go with it without any tension.

Download & Install BHIM app

BHIM app is now available for Android & iPhone smartphone users and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes Store. So if you are an Android smartphone user then click here to go to Google Play Store, and iPhone users Go here. On Download Page click on Install button and wait for few moments and it will automatically installed.

Activate BHIM UPI app

A BHIM UPI app activation is also simple. But before to activate you will need to ensure that your mobile number with which you are going to register BHIM UPI app. Should be registered with Bank account. And any beginner can activate BHIM app via following steps

  • After Download and install launch the app.
  • You will see Choose Language screen, tap to select your preferred language English or Hindi and after selection tap on NEXT button.
  • Now you’ll see Welcome to BHIM screen, tap on NEXT option available at the bottom right.
  • Secure. Simple. Superfast. the page will appear tap again on NEXT.
  • On Next Allow us to access screen will appear. Tap on LET’S GET STARTED button.
  • Now if you’re using Android MarshMallow 6.0 or above version then you’ll need to allow make andmanage phone calls or Send and view SMS messages permissions. And if you are using lower version Android phone then nothing will be asked to allow.
  • Next, If you are using Android MarshMallow 6.0 or above version then you’ll see Verify Mobile Number screen, here select your mobile number which is registered in Bank account and tap on NEXT button.


In case you have an Android Lollipop 5.1 or below version smartphone then above sim selection screen will not available for you and you’ll need to select your bank registered mobile number as SMS default. If you don’t set registered number as default for SMS then you’ll get following error:

“Warning for Android OS Version less than 5.1 in case of dual sim Please use your registered number as primary.”

Bhim App Download For Jio Phone

To solve this error go to your Smartphone “Settings“>> SIM Card or DualSIM and In SIM Card or DualSIM settings tap Messaging (SMS message) option. Now select the main SIM which you have registered to your Bank account. After selection when you’ll tap on NEXT button on above screen app will automatically send the message from correct Mobile Number.

  • A message will be sent to your registered mobile number (SMS charges will be applied) that will verify your mobile number and will be registered with BHIM app.
  • Mobile Verified message will receive.
  • Register Passcode screen will appear. This will protect BHIM app from unauthorized use, so create a 4 digit PIN passcode. And Don’t use your ATM/Debit Card PIN here use the separate one. After entering tap on the bottom right (√) Tick button.
  • On Next re-enter newly created 4 digit PIN to verify and then PIN will be automatically verified.
  • Select Your Bank screen will appear. Here Select you Bank with which your mobile number is registered. As soon as you’ll tap on the bank BHIM app will automatically fetch your mobile number with Bank account.
  • If you have selected correct mobile number and the mobile number is linked to bank account. You will see an account on next screen. Just tap on the account to continue.
  • Now BHIM app has been successfully activated.

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