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Dedicated to the programming and operation of the. Baofeng BF-888S. BF-666S, BF-777S. Pofung T88, GT1. 400-470MHz 2 Watt. Miklor Mailing List. Drivers, Software. Additional information. Programming Software for: Baofeng 888S. Notes: Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated Operating Systems but an X does not necessarily mean it isn't. If you have successfully used this D/L with an otherwise un-confirmed O/S please leave a comment. Baofeng Programming Software Freeware. Rapid Sequencer Programming Software v.1. Rapid Sequencer Programming utility, which once developed, will expedite the development of PLC Sequencers (or Drums). This software will be able to output variable data that will be imported by the PLC Program being. File Name:RSPS1.jar. This is the download for the genuine baofeng bf-888s which we offer for download absolutely free of complete checkout and you can download instantly from your downloads section on our website. There are two known models of the bf-888s. Baofeng bf-888s programming software, free download with installation & programming. To find and an older bf-888s. For easier initial frequency programming, copy and paste, and importing frequency files from previous radios – you may want to consider using the CHIRP Programming Software found above. Download Links: BaoFeng UV-82C VIP Programming Software. BaoFeng UV-82HP VIP Programming Software. BaoFeng BF-F8HP VIP Programming Software.

Baofeng 888s programming problems. I recently bought six Baofeng 888s radios to play about with in various Allstar nodes that I plan to build. Plus it is always best to keep a few in stock. There is quite a wide choice of radios for Allstar nodes, but the 888s is cheap and cheerful. I do find them reliable though, and the audio quality in the node at least is fine. But of course, as you will know they come already programmed to a number of unsuitable frequencies. So your first task is to program them to the UHF amateur frequency that you plan to use for your Allstar node. Also, it is vitally important to get rid of the voice prompts at this stage as well. Fail to do this and your node will be forever transmitting to the world what a Lid you are!

So off I went happy in my hobby. I attached my programming cable and loaded the latest version of Chirp, no joy. Chirp seemed to download from the radio OK, but would not upload, persistence rewarded me with bricking two units.


I then changed the computer and the programming cable. Then downloaded the latest factory software for the 888s from Baofeng. The result, another two bricked radios!

The Solution.

But how did I resolve my Baofeng 888s programming problems? Well finally, I went to, went to their software section. Then found the Baofeng 888s listing and downloaded their BF-480 version of the programming software. Result? It worked like a dream with my two remaining sets.

My experience is that at some future point Chirp will update to accommodate the latest version of the 888s. But until then take care!

I suppose I could get on to Crowdfunding to replace the bricked sets! 🙂

Please follow the link for my Baofeng 888s programming page: LINK

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Baofeng Bf-888s Programming software, free download

Baofeng Bf-888s Programming software, free download Windows

The baofeng bf-888s programming software download is developing at a frantic pace. New versions of the software should be released several times a quarter and even several times a month.

Update for baofeng bf-888s programming software download.

There are several reasons for this dynamic:
First, new technologies are emerging, as a result, the equipment is being improved and that, in turn, requires software changes.
Secondly, the needs of users are growing, requirements are increasing and the needs are changing for baofeng bf-888s programming software download.
Therefore, it is necessary to monitor changes in the baofeng bf-888s programming software download and to update it in a timely manner.

/ If you do not update in time, you can become a victim of viruses and scammers, which can lead to irreversible consequences. Be careful!/

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Baofeng Bf-888s Programming software, free download Windows 10