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Are you tired of accepting friend requests one by one or want to get rid of all pending friends request at once? Well, if this is the case, you can get rid of it by accepting or rejecting such a long list of pending requests in bulk. So let’s see how this Facebook trick helps us to auto accept all Facebook friend requests with one click.

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Well, getting a lot of requests usually happens with celebrities, politicians, charismatic gurus and many popular VIPs. But in most cases, it has also been observed that girls and women receive hundreds of friend requests more regularly than boys.

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Sounds weird? but it’s true.

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How to automatically accept all Facebook friend requests

Today I will tell you about two ways with which you can do bulk action easily, one with the help of small JavaScript code and the other using browser extension.

Note: Facebook does not allow users to perform any kind of Javascript tricks and hacks for any automated process. It violates Facebook’s terms and conditions. Neither Elkees Media nor its author recommends using any automation tools. The information on this page is for learning purposes only.

Method 1: Confirm All Pending Friend Requests using a JavaScript Code

Just use this JavaScript code in the console window of your internet browser and see the magic.

1. Go to

2. Now browse to the pending friends request page at to see all pending requests.

3. At the bottom of the page, you will see “See more“, just click on it to expand the entire list of pending requests.

4. Now you need to launch browser web console. To launch it, press F12 key and click on the Console tab.

5. Finally, copy the following JavaScript code and paste it into the console window, then press Enter.

As soon as you run this JS code in Mozilla Firefox, it may show a warning. Ignore that message and type “allow pasting” into the field to allow the script to run.

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It will accept all pending friend requests within seconds.

Method 2: Accept or reject all friend requests in bulk using browser extensions (PAID)

Don’t feel safe to try the above method? There is no problem. You can use this second method as an alternative.

Auto Friend Request App Download For Android Phones

It is a time saving and a simple Google Chrome extension to accept all pending friend requests in bulk, developed by a Poland company.

Add & Reject Friends in 1 click extension

it is a paid extension that costs Rs.499 INR per year. If you feel that this is the right option for you then you can buy this extension.

To add this extension to Google Chrome browser, follow the instructions given below.

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and Search for Add & Reject Friends in 1 click in the search bar.

2. Go to the extension page and click on the yellow button to buy it in Rs.499/-.

3. Please provide your payment details to purchase it. After successful payment, the extension will be added to your browser.

This toolkit for Facebook has various cool features that can save you a lot of time.

These are some of the questions Facebook users usually ask.

Such questions are always trending in general terms. We are adding them here for your convenience.

Can I accept all friend requests in one click on Facebook?

Yes, you can. There are some code and browser add-ons available on the Internet that can help you achieve this. And, above we have shared a few of them.

Can I also use this trick on my mobile using my Facebook App?

No! To process all pending requests at once, you either need to run a Javascript or use a browser extension and both work only on the computer.

Does Facebook automatically accept all my friend’s requests?

Absolutely No! Currently, there is no such feature available by Facebook to automatically accept all your friend’s requests at once without any third-party tool or script.

Why am I getting too many Facebook friend requests?

Well, I have answered this question at the beginning of the post. However, the Facebook algorithm showing mutual friends as a suggestion is also responsible for the increase in the number of requests.

How do I stop an unnecessary friend request on Facebook?

Here you have two options to limit who can send friend requests to you. 1) Everyone 2) Friends of friends.

To prevent friend connections from an unknown person, go to Privacy Settings, and choose Who can contact me. Select everyone if you want to stop all strangers, including friends of friends (mutual friends), or choose friends of friends to allow mutual friends only to send you requests.


I hope that the above methods have proven helpful for bulk confirming or deleting requests of friends.

Use this type of Facebook tricks to accept all Facebook friend requests at your own risk. In addition, both methods are working without problems to automatically accept the request of all Facebook friends and do not yet harm any user’s account (according to readers’ comments).

What is your opinion about accepting or rejecting all Facebook friend requests at once using the above methods? If you find the information useful, share this with other people.

Free Android Apps

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Auto Friend Request App Download For Android Tv

Facebook AutoLiker App Download

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How to Use FB AutoLikers

So, I have collected a list of best facebook autolikers which helps you to get unlimited likes for your photos, status and page. You can also use these websites to get auto comments as well as different reactions other than just Like such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. One more thing, you can use it for getting likes to FB photos or pics, video and status on posted on your profile and there is one another feature named custom id, which helps to get likes on other profiles also. If you are using any temporary or fake site with the autoliker then, you can use this custom id feature to get likes on your original profile.

You just need to connect your FB account with the help of a token (generated), and you can grab enough likes. As I already mentioned, using your original facebook account for this purpose may lead to permanent account ban. So, it’s better to create a temporary account for these.

Autoliker Without Access Token

Usually, you need token to use the autolikers but, there are some autolikers which help to get Free Unlimited Facebook Likes even without having a token. Almost all auto likers ask for a token to gain access and only a very few of them gives without a token. Generating tokens with the help of some apps like HTC banned many FB accounts and because of this reason now people are bit scared to use these auto likers.

That’s why few people developed a method to get likes without having a token. But, the issue is only a few of them are like this and its bit hard to find them. Am listing a list of best websites for this below which works with or without token access. You can check the below list of sites to get the best one.

Best Working FB AutoLikers

Fb-Liker is the best one which provides 250 likes in a single shot. I have tested this one twice and got 250 likes in each link submit. Custom id feature is also available but FB page like is not available so, its a best choice for those who are looking to increase Facebook profile pic likes.

You have to wait for 10 minutes to submit the 2nd link. They are providing Indian as well International Likes (separately), and we can select that while submitting the link.

You may also like: Whatsapp Group Names Collection is the best one for those who are looking to increase their friends count. Yes! The FbSub have a feature called Auto Friend Request, which helps to get 25 friend request in each submit. They also have auto commentor and auto liker features. They are offering 100 likes in each shot, and I got 90 likes while testing. They also have custom id feature, and there is a 10-minute delay after each submits. So, its a better one with multiple functions.

They won’t allow you to use newly created FB accounts with their system. Yes, I tried to use a newly created Facebook account, and I got an error popup saying, it’s an inactive account/add more friend to use their system. So, I added few friends to that account and tried it again and it worked smoothly.

Wefbee another site which has the same features of like auto commentor, auto liker, auto friend requester. This one is good to get reactions like Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry and also they have custom id feature.

Like all others, they also have 10-minute delay after each link submit. They allow using their system even with newly created accounts. So, its a best alternative for Fbsub with almost all features. So, must check this one.


Next one is, which also needs token access to get likes. It offers like to your FB photos, status and also custom id option is available. They are offering 50 likes in a single shot. I tried that once and about 45 likes from that. So, its a perfectly working auto liker site and you can use it to get likes to your pics, status and videos but it’s not a better choice if you are looking for Facebook page likes.

For almost all auto likers, we have to wait minimum 10 minutes to submit the 2nd link but for CrazyLiker, you can but the next link without waiting that’s the main advantage of this autoliker so, it can be used again and again to get unlimited likes.


Auto Friend Request App Download For Android is a one another working facebook autoliker, which provides 150 likes in each turn. I have tested this website and got 110 likes and we have to wait for 10 minutes to submit the next link.

The main disadvantage os this site is, they don’t have custom id option (not working) so, you have to use your original FB id with the autoliker in order to get for them. They provide likes only for Facebook photos and status only and they have a 10-minute delay after each link submit.


You can use the to get likes for your photos and status and it’s not available for page likes. Recently it was delivering 250 likes in a single shot but now they have updated their system and decreased that to 100 likes. So, now you get only 100 likes in a shot and you have to wait for 10 minutes to submit the 2nd link and also token access is required to get likes.

I tried this website once and found the auto liker is working fine but I got only 25 likes, they were offering 100 likes in a shot. I think that maybe some error with their system and may fix it soon. Anyway, the autoliker is working so, you can have a try.

FB Auto Liker App for Android

I hope you got the best FB auto liker from the list of 6 best working ones. I have tested more than sites and found these are working properly. If you have any auto liker sites or you know any working auto liker sites then, feel free to comment below, I will check that and add that to the list. I recommend you to use Fb-Liker website, which gives 250 likes in a single submit. You should have to remember/check few things before using auto likers.

  • Never use your original/genuine account with these sites otherwise you may lose your account. Always try to get one temporary fake account for these purposes.
  • Your posts/profile should be public otherwise you won’t get any likes.
  • Overuse of auto likers may lead to a permanent Facebook account ban.
  • You can use custom ID feature in order to get likes on photos/status posted from other profiles/accounts.
  • Some auto likers won’t allow you to use newly created accounts with their system.

So, I hope this post was very informative to all. Do share this posts with your accounts who are really crazy about Facebook likes count. Like BloggersManual Facebook page and also follow on Twitter. Use the below comment for any help/queries, I will reply as soon as possible.