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Hey guys, just looking into upgrading my 2006 A8 MMI 2G from version 1190 to the latest version. Mainly because my car doesn't have the SD cards that my A4's RNS-E has and all I have is satellite radio. I need tunes!! I'm considering adding AMI but my f/w is too old. I've done tons of research regarding the procedure and have flashed firmware many times, but the hosted files online seem to have washed up and I cannot find any copies of the 3360 or the 4610 f/w. Can anyone help? Pm me if necessary...Please and thank you! I know they can be purchased for like $25, but if they are online somewhere I'm missing, I'd much rather go that route.
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29-04-2013, 11:00 PM

Audi Mmi 2g

Audi Mmi 2g 5570 DownloadAudi Mmi 2g 5570 Download
This is my first post, and I have been searching for this answer for a while. I was wondering if anyone could help me before I brick my 2005 A6. I have just bought the AMI and it isn't being detected because of the firmware version.
I had misunderstood the version string. SW: C6-HU 6350 05.0.0 0413
I thought that mean it had a newer enough version for AMI, but I now understand this to mean it is really really old. I've found plenty of 5570 discs, but they all start from version 1110.
So my questions are, do I need an intermediate update before I can upgrade to 5570? And where on earth do I find these ancient discs?

Audi Mmi 2g Firmware Update 5570 Download Free

I've only found the MMI Software Update 4L0-998-961 5570 (5.5.70) which is for European Audi Cars - is that the same as the Australian version? Yes, Australian-spec cars use Euro firmware for the MMI system, with 5570 being the last release for MMI 2G. August 10th, 2016, 03:23 PM #6. Q7 Discussion - MMI 2G 5570 Update - For those of you wanting to get the latest update it took me a while to find the cd's after soaurcing instructions but after trawling for about an hour i found everything in the end, Instructions: MMI 2G software update to version 5570 - Audi MMI 2G – 5570 Update software. Part Number: 4L0-998-961. Pack contains 3 ISO CD image files the full software/firmware update. SKU: MMI2G5570 Category: Uncategorized Tags: Audi mmi 2g, Audi MMI 2G - 5570 Update, Audi MMI 2G - 5570 Update firmware, Audi MMI 5570 software. Upload, share, search and download for free. Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed. is the largest czech cloud storage. Upload, share, search and download for free. Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed. Audi 2G MMI Update 5570 A4 (8K) - A5 (8T) 8k0 998 Mmi 2g high update + cz.rar.